The Latest on Omicron & The Depressing Way Teachers Are Paying for Class Supplies | The Daily Show



  • EliardClaw 2 years ago

    Not sure if posting it here will be useful at all, but at the very beginning I felt that the other people from the show appearing co-host were a bit, perhaps, nervous on camera? not sure how to describe it, but it took them a while to find their strive.

    However, I feel that now they are a joy to watch along Noah, I feel everybody has been improving on this new format.

  • Sunset Rider 2 years ago

    In more ways than one the US is a 3rd world country, with many incredible attributes but in several ways just so much behind civilization.

  • Lu S.N 2 years ago

    “Meritocracy” in our neoliberalism world!

  • Mecca Scott 2 years ago

    They say that the moderna shot is more effective than pfizer shot by the studies out of South Africa.

  • Alexander Winklmaier 2 years ago

    Roy’s rant at the end is a work of art!

  • AssassinSigner 2 years ago

    Roy’s right, just the law of nature

  • Jezzi Dre 2 years ago

    Yeah. My daughter is learning to fight now and she wants a friendly spar already. Need I remind you that my daughter is 7. Roy, keep your guard up my boy. He’s going to challenge you one day

  • Tony Li 2 years ago

    I ain’t buying no classroom supply. i’d buy me some bedroom supply

  • ProTherapistStudentPsychologistSpiritualist 2 years ago

    Teachers are poor so the government does not care…sad.

  • jason pushmunky 2 years ago

    I have never been offered a hot towel.

  • Jeremy Blanco 2 years ago

    Now back to Climbing for Dollars

  • K. SöZE 2 years ago

    Whenever I see Americans cooing over events like that money grab or when a Home Depot “builds” a “wheelchair” for a family in need… I’m like….. That’s depressing. How are other countries supposed to idolize the American dream when our countries’ citizens enjoy funded education and healthcare that doesn’t leave children without wheelchairs as a basic right?? America is slackin’

  • robert welsh 2 years ago

    Lol RWjr cracks me up

  • Mikake Studios 2 years ago

    I am NOT surprised that this happened in South Dakots.


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