The Late Show Presents: One Week Older, March 4

Published on March 4, 2017

After Jon Stewart nearly got us canceled, Stephen rallied with a LIVE show, Sir Patrick Stewart acted out, Roy Wood Jr. shared a warning, Josh Earnest spoke from the heart, and Cate Blanchett spoke from the… well, you’ll see.

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  • Chris Jones 3 years ago

    #save shenmue 3 ?

  • Ashmita Nandy 3 years ago

    omg first?!

  • Isha Khalid 3 years ago

    Jon and Stephen will forever be the power couple of cable tv

  • Lee Sakesushihentai 3 years ago

    i wanna be near that vagina!!

  • S. I. V. 3 years ago

    I’m a student in India, I have a good chance to join Trump’s administration.

  • The Terminator 3 years ago

    Plz Steven say hello

  • 4c1dr3fl3x 3 years ago

    March 4th may have aged a whole 7 days during this diarrhea monsoon in history, but Jon and Stephen have found The Fountain of Youth pundit punting this administration.

  • AceFailure 3 years ago

    i made it 144 likes… anyone else loving on the perfect squares right now?

  • drillz007 3 years ago

    “did i get us canceled” best line ever

  • Nabihah Sahair 3 years ago

    Since I’m early, let’s play a game. Comment a word that you can form using 3 or more alphabets from Donald Trump. GO!

  • Dark Days 3 years ago

    So Sir. Patrick Stewart, I appreciate any assistance taking on the Manderin Molester in chief. So rather then make fun of a certain captain, I propose a reward, If we succeed, I’m sure we could arrange for TNG to be forgotten about or remembered in a better light. I mean it there was Voyager things could have been worse. Your choice.

  • Cannibal_King 3 years ago

    “As a Black person in America”?
    Try being Hispanic in America. No wait, try being any kind of immigrant from anywhere, especially now!

    Speaking of siblings? Hispanic immigrants (speaking from my personal experience)are like the kid in the family who came from another marriage and got the short end of the stick. He got all the chores, work around the house a kid should not be doing, taking care of his siblings, etc. However when it came down to it, the parents aka America never really got to acknowledge how much work, effort, blood, sweat, and tears this kid struggled with for most of his life. When all he ever really wanted was to be part of the family, actually feel like he is part of the family, be brought up in conversation when other parents (Countries) spoke proudly of their children’s accomplishments and contributions to the house. While he still respects and loves his parents (America) and his siblings (everyone who lives in America). Sadly this little kid will always be ignored in the eyes of his parents. America just doesn’t care enough to pay attention to how much Hispanic immigrants (legal or illegal) contribute to the work force in this great nation. It is extremely rare for someone famous, like an actor/actress, singer, politician, or whatever, to defend a Mexican immigrant for example. Mexico is our neighbor country to the south and is part of North America, yet unless a celebrity or politician is directly from Hispanic or in this case Mexican decent or he/she or them have been put in a position where it is financially favorable, popular, helps their careers or show, or even makes him/her or them more relevant for the time being they will undoubtedly make remarks that will go against the more negative oppositions to the case, like I said just to make them selves look better. I wish America could appreciate immigrants.

  • Sahil Shah 3 years ago

    This literally looks like an Arrested Development flashback scene/ blooper reel

  • Joe Wilder 3 years ago

    How about?: “TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!” One million Americans joined with on million Mexicans could do it.

  • Nawal 3 years ago

    sir patrick stewart is a gift <3

  • Donnie Montoya 3 years ago

    I am so sick and tired of these dumb tobacco awareness ads. I don’t fucking care that cigarettes are advertised more in black neighborhoods haha

  • jason landry 3 years ago

    2:33 – ‘Member South park?

  • robert cyr 3 years ago

    that levity was needed after the week our nation is having and the weekend isnt over yet. what is going on with the highest levels of our supposed leaders.

  • Hector Jose Zapata Casanova 3 years ago

    Loved it! more!


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