The Late NightCap: Joe Biden, You Never Want to Confuse Your Wife and Sister

Published on March 6, 2020

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  • Nate Miles 3 years ago


  • Andrew Peters 3 years ago

    First whooot!

  • Nicolas Broszky 3 years ago

    Eric Trump will eventually end up in prison. He knows it.

  • Kaushik Barvaliya 3 years ago

    God bless USA. Its like When you have three options in menu. You dont want any of these but have no option.

  • Robertodette 3 years ago

    biden was just trying to appeal to trump’s base

  • Zeluth 3 years ago

    Confusing my Mom is the most fun because my dad gets it.

  • Grant Patrick 3 years ago

    The Québec government leader KISSED his sister instead of his wife during his campaign last year so… Yeah that happened

  • Prof. Weed 3 years ago

    Trump confuses other women for his wife all the time.

  • CabronaSF 3 years ago

    This gaff was pretty classic uncle joe behavior. A reminder of a simpler time

  • juan gomez 3 years ago

    Now you know why Biden won the South.

  • JohnGalt009 3 years ago

    Trumptards mock AOC for having been a bartender. Well, true fact is that DJTjr was the BEST bartender that Aspen, CO ever had. Then he went off hunting elephants, cutting off their tails as trophies, and threw it all away.
    Come back, Tangerine Man! 😢

  • Mabs Freeman 3 years ago

    Rest of the World: The US elections are a charade. Deep state puppets creating some distraction and vague promises of “hope”, to the exploited masses. Hope Bernie wins – shakes up the system a bit.

  • 11ms62 3 years ago

    Besides the fact that DJ jr’s statement about Dem’s was total BS, I wonder which ”winning streak” he refers to…winning the electoral vote to become POTUS a single time is not a streak.


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