The Kind of Story We Need Right Now: Breastfeeding Mom Confronts Eagle

Published on June 22, 2022

Seth steps away from bleak and depressing news to share a news story about a mom saving her pet goose from an eagle attack while breastfeeding.

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  • YJ Wrangler 11 months ago

    I so adore my country.

  • MVVpro 11 months ago

    She is the exact opposite of the former president: a confident woman who’s not afraid of eagles.

  • Jude Cundiff 11 months ago

    #Correction: The eagle flew away with the goose in its talons, not mouth. Raptors utilize their feet to typically attack and kill prey, and it makes for easier catching without stopping due to center of gravity, etc.

  • Scott Butler 11 months ago

    They don’t do enough of these segments. Always heartwarming and funny.

  • Drawn 11 months ago

    Poor eagle…

  • honyatarding 11 months ago

    So proud of my country….single tear

  • cactustree505 11 months ago

    Chases off huge eagle while breastfeeding her new born. I think I love her.

  • Jay Buck 11 months ago

    Seth, eagles don’t have mouths they have beaks,and they carry off their prey in their talons.
    Oh, and geese have been used to guard property for thousands of years (Romans, Chinese). There’s also a whiskey distillery or bonded warehouse in Scotland that uses geese to guard the property today. They have a flock of 20/30 Chinese geese, supposedly the most aggressive.

  • Fight evil. Read books. 11 months ago

    Applause to the mom and the baby lucky enough to have a great mom.

  • Like Bot 11 months ago

    Canada Goose: 1
    American Bald Eagle: 0

    I guess the eagle isn’t so balled after all.

  • Mylaram Photography 11 months ago

    You’re right, I’m an animal and my mom scares the living out of me…

  • Patrick Perkins 11 months ago

    “That’s one lady…”
    *Puts on shades
    “Who’s goose isn’t cooked.”
    *Theme music starts to CSI: Myers-ami

  • foed spaghetti 11 months ago

    You are awesome Cait Oakley!!

  • CEO Zhang 11 months ago

    For the joke to work, you have made the assumptions that sexism is apparently as prevalence among birds as it is among human, so that being beaten by a female human breastfeeding is somehow more humiliating than being beaten by a male human with muscles. The reality is human is plenty scary enough. They have thumbs, they clear forests, they build giant worthless contraption. Not to mention animals would know to not mess with a nursing female animal. Should consider your biases when writing jokes. Just my two cents.

  • deviljon 11 months ago

    If you’ve got a problem with Canada Gooses you’ve got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate!

  • JB Anders 11 months ago

    Breast milk is an excellent deterrent against unruly birds. The more you know.

  • Aphexon 11 months ago

    Birds don’t have mouths, beaks, and it was clearly holding the goose’s neck with it’s talons.


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