The Kim Davis Redemption

Published on September 9, 2015

After her daring escape from prison, Kim Davis gets the Shawshank Redemption treatment with Reggie Watts as the voice of Morgan Freeman.

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  • Dylan Salem 5 years ago


  • Adhiraj Sharma 5 years ago

    *old* (check)
    *white* (check)
    *southern* (check)
    *sad* (check)
    Lady you qualify as a poster girl for the Republicans. Congrats! :)

  • Bernie Clavender 5 years ago

    this show is too underrated

  • Daniel McNerney 5 years ago

    Real touching

  • Lag Is Totally Real 5 years ago

    People don’t seem to know that homosexualness is genetic

  • I Like You, You See (IYQUC) 5 years ago

    This is not funny. Respect other people’s values–and all the more those in
    accord with the vast majority of human tradition over thousands of years.
    Considering unsubscribing…..

  • Thierry Lebeau 5 years ago

    Whey to go! Great way to make light of this idiotic racist position!

  • Harpreet Singh 5 years ago

    NOW thats how you be a TROLL!!!

  • IXM360 5 years ago

    Did they even try to make this video cleverly ironic or satirical? They
    couldve made this way funnier, poor effort

  • leafygreentree 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, was I supposed to crack a smile or something? This is got to be
    the stupidest thing you guys of done yet. Bring back the Scotsman!

  • Xhoose 5 years ago

    This makes republicans look horrible…great. :/

  • habbogigi 5 years ago

    I’d love to stomp on her head until her eyes pop out, you redneck obese

  • Axzack 5 years ago

    Oh man what a hero!
    I just got an intelligence boost of -3 Brain cells!

  • Jack Stalley 5 years ago


  • HHS1500 5 years ago

    so this is Christopher Nolan’s next film

  • Moonray Silversky 5 years ago

    Loved this! I’m straight,but I defend gay rights.That country bumpkin had
    no reason to deny marriage licence’s.They released her early because it
    cost the state too much to feed her and her hair kept clogging the shower

  • muschikopf1997 5 years ago

    Sorry Reggie, but that is a terrible Freeman.

  • Jonnathan Romero 5 years ago

    dumbnails looks like nixon lol

  • PhuckHue2 5 years ago

    gay marriage is sick

  • Mudkip Syndrome 5 years ago

    Someone pls shoot her

  • Aaron Typhoon 5 years ago

    Stop. Religion.

  • The Kyrion 5 years ago

    Dont bother scrolling down if you dont want to be super pissed off with

  • Thred assasin 5 years ago

    Im so glad i dont live in the US. Fucked up politics abd crazy religious

  • Antrax 5 years ago

    Fuck you Kim Davis you cunt

  • enigmaren 5 years ago

    Really? The voice of Morgan Freeman? Gimme a break.

  • James 5 years ago

    This woman is a fat despicable fuck, whose morals come from a stupid book
    written by humans. Straight or gay, love is love, and anybody should be
    able to get married. The fact she gets this type of audience in today’s
    world is just horrifying. Also, the people saying “it’s her beliefs, I
    respect her” – Like what the fuck? You respect somebody for being so
    simple-minded and archaic in her barbaric and silly views.. What type of
    people are you?

  • mcgaugh57 5 years ago

    OMG this ugly stupid pig makes me literally sick inside. This is a classic
    example of the stupidity that is Christian puke.

  • Figg Erz 5 years ago

    Just say no to sucking a bro.

  • Ylee coyote 5 years ago

    How dramatic! 6 looong days! Oh my such torture. She is the poster child
    for stupid, delusional and intolerant people everywhere. The whole thing is
    hilarious, so desperate are evangelical Christians for some kind of win
    (note I said evangelical). She just looks stupid and delusional, which does
    not mean a person necessarily is, but with her primitive opinions it’s such
    a good match. The I.Q. of a loofah gourd and the body of a corn fed cow,
    wonderful caricature! Ah yes, the evangelicals dream of the good old days
    when they were fed to lusty lions and Romans cheered. Hysteria reigns in
    christianville. Mwhahahahaha

  • rolybling 5 years ago

    Imagine if she was refused service of some kind based on her religeous
    belief’s, the outcry from Fox etc would be enormous. Christians want
    everyone else to live by their belief’s whether someone believes in their
    stupid bearded sky fairy or not. However, there is NO ambiguity in law and
    she broke the law, so she deserved her punishment as far as I’m concerned.
    Christians, you need to remember that humans have been around a lot longer
    than your silly ancient book, by all means read it, follow it’s ‘teachings’
    if you so desire, like the one that says it’s ok to enslave another human,
    or the one that says it’s ok to rape your wife if she won’t give it up, but
    don’t expect the rest of the world to do the same. In short, fuck off.

  • molon labe 5 years ago

    The American people have overwhelmingly voted no on gay marriage. Even in
    fucked up California! Judges legislating from the bench are breaking the

  • Waleed Higgins 5 years ago

    A Christian woman is arrested in the United States for daring to oppose the
    homosexual mockery of Gods sacred laws.

    I thought America was a Christian country? Turns out that it’s nothing but
    a Jewish dominated blasphemy which promotes atheism and sodomy while waging
    war on the world of religion.

    God bless you Kim and all people of true faith in these dark times.

  • zack ali 5 years ago

    seriously this is pure epic watching .. how fucking crazy are some of these
    christians.. this crazy bitch is loving it, .. dont get me wrong im muslim
    and we got more that our fair share of crazies .. but i want more of this
    crazy bitch

  • Enzo Canuzzi 5 years ago

    Would like to see Chelsea Manning free instead of this fuck.

  • Erica Keating 5 years ago


  • KimberlyZ69 5 years ago

    Well . . . that video was stupid.

  • simpsoned27 5 years ago

    This is disappointing and unfunny, James Corden. Unsubscribed.

  • Selfish Toast 5 years ago

    I have some bad news…God doesn’t exist.

  • Cassius Clay 5 years ago

    She’s ugly and her genes are haulting our growth- fuck her she sucks I hope
    she dies and her kids die slowest


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