The Inauguration of Joe Biden | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on January 24, 2021

In the wake of the Capitol riots and Trump’s pardon spree, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. Here’s our coverage. #DailyShow #Trump #Biden



  • My Biafra 1 month ago

    The globalists, Jihadists, Eugenics, China … are all in charge!
    You can’t be normal and not see what the so-called World Health Organisation, Paris Club, and the rest are NOT designed to save humanity or the planet but the advance desire of the aforementioned groups!
    Be careful what you’re wishing for.

  • Shawn Thompson 1 month ago

    22:42 we all know that Biden’s mom is to old for tRUMP. He would much rather have Biden granddaughter

  • Emmanuell Brown 1 month ago


  • nimue325 1 month ago

    “Joseph *Robinette* Biden.” When my mother pulled out my middle name, I knew I was in trouble. How bad a President do you have to be to get someone *else’s* middle name be your shade?

  • Leila Nambinga . Stardoll 1 month ago

    I never had an Inaugurated situation already am queen well now it’s me and that alien hey 10 Billion old guy 🙂

  • Icarium S 1 month ago

    Best comedian for low iq sheep.

  • Ângela Cruz 1 month ago

    Being boring seems the best thing ever!!!

  • IZZYROCKZ 4fun 1 month ago

    This President is destroying the middle class with every order he signs…wake up …prices on everything will skyrocket and that 15hr will be useless.. good luck paying rent. .gas in your car. ..utilities and food

  • Harnold Owiti 1 month ago

    trump’s outgoing letter: I won the election…BY ALOT!

  • Tyler Hackner 1 month ago

    Glad it went off without a hitch

  • STiNKY STOPPER, LLC. 1 month ago

    Dope show Trevor

  • lady lotus 1 month ago

    The situ-what room? 😂😂

  • EverythingRebekahLorraine 1 month ago

    I’m confused about the timeline of Trevor’s videos. Does anyone else notice that some of his videos are rerelased or compilations of past videos?

  • Kimberleigh Livingston 1 month ago

    You know when the press was gone those guys started roasting Trump and talking about what a shi11y President Trump was. Nobody wanted to see Trump at Biden and Kamala’s inauguration anyway💜💜💜💜 when they showed him getting on that helicopter the only thing I said was ” You have been EVICTED Now, get to stepping 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • crazyytimetobealive 1 month ago

    I am not sure but this dud Trevor nah is copying the weeknd ???

  • Kim J 1 month ago

    Count how many promises Biden breaks in his first 100 days. He’s already backed off on the $2,000 one time stimulus by adding $1400 to the $600 breadcrumbs. The American people need $2000 a month retroactive just to get out of debt incurred for the last 12 months. Then he slammed health care during a pandemic while people are dying. How the hell do you pay $350 a month in premiums, with a $5,000 deductible. He kneeled to the insurance companies because they were the biggest donors to his election and he promised to kiss their asses while he bends over the American People. He also reached across the isle to kiss McConnel’s ass by delaying Trump’s Impeachment trial, hoping we’ll just forget. I say charge all their asses and remove them from office never to run again. They all make me sick.

  • Ssentongo John 1 month ago

    Let me tell you a secret. You have the power to change your life now. Create and re-create the experience you desire right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, next month, not next year. Now. You can change everything now. Your soul is capable of doing that. That’s what it does in dreams, every day. It does anything and goes anywhere it desires, now. That is the power that God has given you, to chop and change your life as you wish, to evolve into whoever you choose to be. It is just delayed by you and your disbelief when you are awake. Wake up and make-believe, sincerely so. Make a wish. And what you ask for, it shall already have been given unto you.+27782391426

  • Eric Quezada 1 month ago

    💯💯 good one Trevor 🤣

  • MrKained123 1 month ago

    Why does the Daily show keep reuploading these?

  • Seth Horvath 1 month ago

    What is Trevor Noah gunna bitch about now?


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