The Inauguration of Donald Trump: The Daily Show

Published on January 21, 2017

At Donald Trump’s inauguration, the new president paints a bleak picture of America, and Michelle Obama’s face betrays her feelings about the incoming first family.

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  • the_dead_poet 3 years ago

    Obama was such a classy president. *the way he conducts himself in public ,
    his body language , his facial expression, his oratory skills* etc. should
    be studied and made into a one semester course in Harvard

  • TheLithp 3 years ago

    Jesus, that speech…& these people accuse “the liberal media” of fear
    mongering, for fuck’s sake.

  • Daniel fountain 3 years ago

    Just because i think some of might have forgot, Donald J. Trump is the man
    Called Mexicans rapists
    Claimed the president was born in Kenya
    Proposed banning an entire religion from entering the US
    MOCKED a disabled reporter
    Said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured
    Attacked the parents of a fallen soldier
    Bragged about committing sexual assault
    Was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault
    Said some of those women weren’t attractive enough to assault…?
    Said more countries should get NUKES
    Said he would force the military to commit war crimes
    Said a judge was biased because his parents were Mexicans
    Said women should be punished for having abortions
    Incited violence at his rallies
    Called global warming a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese
    Called for his opponent to be jailed
    Declared bankruptcy 6 times
    Bragged about not paying income taxes
    Stiffed his contractors and employees
    Lost a billion dollars in one year
    Scammed customers into a fake university
    Bought a 6 foot tall painting of himself with money from his fake
    Has a trial for fraud coming up this month
    Insulted his opponents looks
    Insulted his opponents wife’s looks
    AND BRAGGED about grabbing women by the pussy….

  • edie 3 years ago

    I loved Michelle for her face. She carried out her part, but she refused to
    pretend it was enjoyable. That man, trump, had been an ass to her and her
    family for a long time. She justly radiated contempt and disrespect. She
    was great!

  • William Smith 3 years ago

    I voted for Trump because the dumb ass democrats put up a shitty candidate.
    More shitty than ever before. And I will stand behind Trump. But remember
    this liberals. I too voted for Obama, and I stood behind him as my
    president. I am an American. Not a politically correct democrat or
    republican. And my country’s president is my president because that’s how
    real Americans roll.

  • Renzo Vallejos 3 years ago

    The world was like, “You can’t possible elect someone dumber than Bush.”
    And America was like, “Hold my beer.”
    smh America. What have you done??!

  • shiva1008 3 years ago

    The people that voted for Trump are like Jews voting for Hitler

  • Candice McGregor 3 years ago

    You Americans are stupid and are pissing me off.

    Hiroshima incident; Its fine, since you guys are rich and powerful. We
    didnt make a big issue out of it (eventhough a ton of people died).
    Everyone makes mistakes once in a while

    911; Failed to protect your own infrastructure against some terrorists.
    Well, shit happens. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes twice in a while

    Voting Trump for Presidency; WTF IS GOING ON?!! Thats it! You guys are sick
    voting a man who is corrupt, racist, sexist and grabs womens’ pussy as if
    we are all a bunch of sex objects. YOU GUYS F**KED UP REAL BAD THIS TIME!!

  • Dey Dey 3 years ago

    Trump won because of the Hillary and the DNC rigging their party against
    Bernie.. NOBODY was going to vote for a crooked women and we tried warning
    them many times.

  • erroneus 3 years ago

    What’s great is that Trump has already visibly started. We’re done with the
    global warming/cooling/change nonsense. It has been removed not just from
    the white house web site, but from the political agenda. TPP is toast.
    NAFTA is officially now under renegotiation. ISIS is now under true threat.
    There will be no more “nation building” and the sales/granting of arms to
    “moderates” who end up joining with ISIS bringing their US gifts with them
    to further the ISIS agenda.

    And the reality of the white cover of the grass and the TIME at which the
    picture was taken is slowly filtering out into the light. But I can state
    first hand that the long list of unprecedented things started and ended
    with Obama’s DHS and TSA. Never before was the white cover brought out to
    create this optic. Never before was the entire area fenced off as it was
    and never before was the TSA working so slowly to delay people processing
    through. It is no exaggeration to say that the lines getting INTO the
    national mall went on for more than one mile. The multiple lines did go on
    for miles and the TSA acted to delay people from getting through.

    And it WAS only delay. The people DID get in and it was huge. The CNN
    gigapixel image shows this to be true, but you aren’t interested in showing
    the truth. This “I’m a comedian” bit has been worn out completely. It is no
    longer an excuse. we will tolerate.

    The fact is, you’re on the wrong side. The majority of the people are not
    in favor of this nor the weakening and collapse of the USA. When looking at
    the county breakdown of red vs blue voting results, the reality of the
    situation could not be more clear. It is about “bubble people” and illegal
    immigrants voting in elections to suggest that this simple majority
    reflects the will and interests of the people of the USA. That’s false. And
    now California and New York are both near financial collapse. The Federal
    welfare supporting those two lawless states will be dropped or reduced and
    they will have to support themselves as other states can and do! Is it
    unreasonable to expect they will fail? Not at all. They will fail and they
    will be forced to reform. NO MORE FREELOADERS.

    You’re a bubble boy yourself — you live in a world without the problems
    the rest of us deal with. You imagine those problems are not important. You
    do not represent the people you speak to in any way.

    The song of “no more excuses” was a good one though. Even though you sing
    it as if it expects Trump to fail, I guarantee you he will not. The
    congress will not be able to stop Trump’s agenda. It has already started
    and will continue on. No More Excuses will be tolerated by Trump. No more
    excuses from Congress will be tolerated. The results will all pour forth
    just as he promised and it has all started on DAY ONE.

    Your show, unless it changes, is doomed. The regular people will grow
    increasingly annoyed.

  • Alex Rocha 3 years ago

    I miss John Stewart

  • Tom Finnq 3 years ago

    The left: democracy is cute….but only when it goes our way!

  • Jenna L 3 years ago

    Dear trump: I’ve seen smarter cabinets at IKEA!

  • PLUTREA 3 years ago

    Trump 2020 stay mad

  • mgd galvez 3 years ago

    you ignorant trump supporters sending him back to “his” country…..You are
    all immigrants who took this country from the natives!!!!!….So, YOU GO
    BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!!!!!…….Not that I agree with the attitude you
    expressed, just making a point of your stupidity and ignorance!!!!!

  • TheJurassicHunter 3 years ago

    Starting off, the picture comparing Trump and Obama’s inauguration is
    misleading. Trump had less people attending sure, but the first picture was
    early in and plenty of people rolled in afterwards. Second point, Trump did
    give hope for both republicans and democrats; Asking for the unity between
    both, wanting his citizens to take control once more and even showed
    respect to his political opposition, the Clinton family, shortly after.

    I also believe Lester was more worried about having a bomb dropped on him,
    since our dear last president couldn’t stand waiting more than twenty
    minutes to drop one. It’s not hard to imagine how hard it must be to be
    tossed out of the white house, I can understand Michelle Obama. However the
    Obama family was also the personification of “class” perpetrated by the
    left, which clearly didn’t show that day.

    Noah is right on one thing however, Trump can’t blame the democrats anymore
    for any wrongdoings of the coming government. It doesn’t matter wether
    you’re a republican or democrat, everyone needs to call out the current
    president on any wrongdoings and the people has to be vocal about any
    issues that might arise in the near future in the aftermath of this
    election. This is the one standard Obama wasn’t held up to though, as we’ve
    seen countless of democrats painting him up as a saint these past eight
    years. /Rant.

  • Rich Sackett 3 years ago

    Trump still talks like he’s running for President. You’ve made the sale,
    stop selling and get to work.

  • KingToll 3 years ago

    I love how the fucking corporate media has so casually accepted that putin
    helped trump get elected like it’s a fact now. Hey, how about those weapons
    of mass destruction in iraq? Fucking shill mainstream media, fuck off.

  • King Henry VIII 3 years ago

    This guy is one of the most unfunny people I have ever seen.


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