The “Impossible” Conversation About Guns In America – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on June 5, 2022

It’s strange how quickly America goes from the land of the possible to the impossible when it comes to stopping gun violence. #BetweenTheScenes #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Micah Pratt 10 months ago

    I think I’ll go polish my guns.

  • Ben Wasserman 10 months ago

    Yeah I’m not buying this “nothing will change” mantra. We put enough young progressives into the House and Senate, we kick that filibuster to the curb, and we pass legislation. And give any Republican who objects the finger- solid 4-point plan.

  • Fahad Abdullah 10 months ago

    It’s not the people problem or an ideological problem. It a CORRUPTION PROBLEM!!

  • Lysa A 10 months ago

    America love their guns and rifles. Firearms are in their heart forever. Mass shooting is part of everyday life in America, it’s part of their culture now. It’s something that they anticipate. It’s thrilling for them. If you say something about the firearms, people will hush you.

  • Renata Myers 10 months ago

    Brilliant, Noah!

  • Justin Gulley 10 months ago

    The school mass shooter was quoting what hes heard from Fox News and we need to figure out what we need to do to fix this.. lol The country of America should be able to Sue Fox News for spilling hatred that’s got people murdered

  • Sharon Kaufmann 10 months ago

    Saw a photo of a Republican Senator and he was wearing a AK-15 pin on his lapel! How will you change the minds of people like that? 🥺. 💔

  • CY T 10 months ago

    I’m sure people especially celebrities in America are afraid of being assassinated by people/industries who support and earn from gun sales if they speak up on the issue.

  • Justin Gulley 10 months ago

    School shooters have been 90% white and Republican.. Just take the guns from the white republicans and we’ll all be safe at school.

  • Pascal Mwikya 10 months ago

    You know I bet you if black and brown people in America started buying and open carrying AR-15’s in MASSIVE numbers, you’d be amazed how quickly the laws outlawing them get passed. 💯 FR.
    for reference see black panthers.

  • Mr nippy nelson 10 months ago

    When I was 21 I bought a pistol. Then found out I could have bought and ak -47 semi auto version at age 18. I remember think wow that weird. 21 for pistol 18 for rifle.
    But back then most gun violence was caused by hommies n gang violence with pistols.
    2 weeks later I went back and bought the ak 47 for $350.
    Very reliable, lots of fun, and has doubled in value 😀

  • Chris Johnson 10 months ago

    The Swiss have a lot of guns, but every male citizen is obligated to enlist in the army at 18, and they have training. I feel that joining the national guard, or the army, should be a requirement for owning an assault rifle.

  • Setokaiva 10 months ago

    What gets me is how so many other countries — looking at you, Switzerland — can have so many guns, and yet no mass shootings. The answer is so obvious, though. They just have a better culture about this than we do. They know what they want their society to look like, and they’ve taken steps — CONCRETE steps — to make it that way. The hilarious part is that in the above example, I’ve heard of gun-loving people who see Switzerland as a paradise; but if they actually knew the degree to which guns are regulated over there, they’d probably be aghast in horror.

  • Vlinder Love 10 months ago


    IT’S SO

    are more
    So you would have to
    spend basically:

    A YEAR of preparation✅

    Enrol in a Gun Club✅

    Practice Gun Examination✅


    Clean Criminal record✅

    Age Requirement✅

    You can’t ❌
    just Walk into
    a Store and buy one✅

    Here in my Country
    Netherlands 🇳🇱
    I have never seen a WEAPONS SHOP!!!!

    This is a suggestion.
    Where I live,
    NOBODY has a WEAPON.
    can free to
    SCHOOL 🚸 🏫
    without FEAR
    Actually Everywhere….
    I am free 🦋🙏

    Thanks for your
    Please stay safe AMERICANS

  • Wellness Week 10 months ago
    Agreed! Well said…

  • Mr. Pavone 10 months ago

    The problem is not the gun. I know this is not a popular take, but the gun itself isn’t the issue.
    The problem is twofold as far as I can see:
    1. The radical gun culture that fetishizes guns and says violence is the only answer.
    2. The talking points and interpretation of the 2nd amendment that switched during the 90s after events like Ruby Ridge and Waco.
    Right-wingers used those 2 events as proof that the “gubbermint is comin’ to take yer guns and freedumb”.
    So if your response is to quote “shall not be infringed” I’m going to ask you to tell me what militia you are part of that keeps your community safe? If you aren’t part of a federally recognized militia that trains regularly, you’re just a yahoo with a gun.

  • Sir MaddaM Metzo 10 months ago

    One waking up and realizing you died of old age.

    Nah but seriously, we have to continue to bother with so much issues at the same time.
    And I get that some people are getting tired of bothering.
    The important part is, to also take your time off from bothering for your mental health.
    And when you had your break, you can come back to the issues and start again with new energy.

    And of course there is not ONE solution for big problems.
    Just look at the climate catastrophe. Not all people go vegan will be solution, nor will it be that suddenly we all stop using cars, ships and plains and stop using coal to get our electricity. And no the world will also not change for the better when we continue like this but plant some trees.
    We have to combine efforts, a plan of many different smaller solutions which are less extreme but in combination more effective.

    And like Trevor said, it’s important to start somewhere and when you realize this was not enough, don’t loose hope. If one, two, three things are not doing the trick, you need to continue to work on the issue until you have it solved or at least at a level that is acceptable and further actions would be worse than leaving it at that.

    We have seen it in the Corona pandemic, where we had to do our best to contain a deadly virus until we got vaccines and were lucky enough that a new very contagious variant was less deadly. So first we had to combine a lot of smaller actions and then we were able to step by step reduce the measurements again while watching what the outcome was.

  • Karen Ruth 10 months ago

    The problem is lack of respect.

  • Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht 10 months ago

    The only things that change in America are things that do not have a powerful lobbying group paying congress to not change them. You want wages flat while inflation leaves workers living in tents, no problem. They have no lobby bribing congress. You want to stop oil companies from destroying the planet and 100% of people want change, corrupt congress will never do it.

  • Briley 10 months ago

    “You have to keep bothering… that’s what hope is.”


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