The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look

Published on November 18, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the President facing three more days of impeachment hearings this week after a second day of damning testimony and yet another conviction of one of his associates.

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  • pbase36 3 years ago

    Let’s keep going, maybe we can break Trump’s brain! I mean, more than it already is!

  • Barney Potter 3 years ago

    Karma finally caught up with stone .good guliani is next

  • Scorpio Moon 3 years ago

    What if Trump is just done with the president gig, finds it tiresome and is working hard to ensure he gets impeached.

  • Waggish Sagacity 3 years ago

    Let me get it straight: President Clinton, lying under oath that he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, WAS without a doubt, clearly, obviously, to a scientific certitude etc. an impeachable high crime, by Trump, extorting (or bribing) the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens if he , President Zelensky, wants to get the the $400+ million (already appropriated by Congress to Ukraine as military aid against Russia’s threats), IS absolutely NOT even an impeachable misdemeanor? HAVE THEY NO SHAME? HAVE THE REPUBLICANS STRAYED FROM THE PLAIN TRUTH FROM AND COMMON SENSE THAT FAR?

  • Collin McLean 3 years ago

    He threatens judges with crosshair pictures
    Threatens people and their dog
    Has a back tattoo of Nixon
    He gets his legal advice from God Father movies
    And dresses like he’s plotting to kill Batman…
    The only way Roger Stone could be anymore cartoonishly villainous is if he had a handlebar mustache to twirl while going “Nyeh nyeh nyeh!”

  • Dill Hole 3 years ago

    I bet Stone mysteriously “kills” himself in a jail cell before he runs his mouth about Donald Chump. Sound familiar?

  • Tommy Aquino 3 years ago

    To be fair to stone, he does look really fly in that get up, although I don’t like him being a criminal, he has good fashion sense

  • Stephanie Logan 3 years ago

    Live action Whack-a-Mole. Not to be confused with Guac-a-Mole.

  • ManDudeYeah 3 years ago

    Seriously, everyone. Trump had an emergency trip to the hospital the other day. Let’s all pray that he’s not ok.

  • Just A Guy Production 3 years ago

    Trump will be in the history books: the first person to commit a Felony on with Twitter.

  • Civil Villain 3 years ago

    *Trump:* “I’m committing crimes, literally in front of your face.”
    *Republicans defending Trump:*
    “I can’t believe you take everything Trump says seriously. Lulz.”

  • Williams Mcintosh 3 years ago

    WHAM! CLINK! POW! That part,
    ?? ??? ???? ?

  • Leonard Taylor 3 years ago

    Now thats real Manly , first send a group of thugs to scare her then harrass her via twitter . Trump you are just too much of a man for the rest of America .

  • Wonderful Wino 3 years ago

    If he made Vodka without fatalities, that’s a success.

  • reknown123 3 years ago

    Volodymyr “loves your ass” Zelensky

  • Dark Star 3 years ago

    Since Republicans drank the orange kool-aid they have become imbeciles incapable of living in reality.

    But I don’t expect much from animals.

  • Kelly Beresfordcole 3 years ago

    Did the republicans stand bye Nixon so blindly?

  • Penny Wells 3 years ago

    Every time this twit opens his mouth, America becomes even more of a world wide joke.

  • Pam Timmins 3 years ago

    You are so funny Seth…..I have said many times trump is an azz, but I would never say I love that creep’s azz… are so screwed trump….I can’t wait until you are removed from the White House and moved into the Big House with bubba….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!

  • TheCultLeader In Chief 3 years ago

    tRump just went to the hospital asking for the right to die!


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