The House Approves Rules that Weaken Kevin McCarthy’s Power



  • Kcolop is-Polockbackwards 9 months ago

    Kevin’s only focus was pumping up his resume/salary for pending retirement. He’ll be golfing daily with the orange-a-tan in a few months.

  • Emil Pop 9 months ago

    Wouldn’t have been smarter for Democrats to vote Kevin, so as these extremists don’t get any advantages?

  • Carlos Speicywiener 9 months ago

    Effectively making him the most powerless speaker of the house ever.

  • Lusid 9 months ago

    After all the negotiations to get the votes for speaker, all he’s left with as speaker is the gavel, title, and office. None of the power, that all belongs to gaetz and friends. Thanks Kevin “Just let me be speaker i’ll give you anything” McCarthy.

  • sjhmagic1 9 months ago

    Tucker Carlson wearing joker make up. Yeah, he looks like a guy who has tried to sexual assault a girl. Then try to justify it.

  • Zorro II 9 months ago

    One branch of our government has become fascist.

  • Marsha Mariner 9 months ago

    Let’s just hope the senate and Biden hv some executive leverage to get things passed…the country doesn’t need another crisis because of the Greedy Old Pig TRAITORS!!!!:(:(

  • Hojicha is far superior to chai tea 9 months ago

    Not funny.

  • Kate 9 months ago

    Speaker, what Speaker.

  • Guerilla Grue Plays 9 months ago

    Wait, a man in ARKANSAS smashed open a church altar and stole 1500 year old relics?

    As an Arkansan, I can’t imagine why any church around here would have something that old (and, I’m assuming, valuable) in the first place.

  • Larry Mosher 9 months ago

    Cease and desist,the phrase forward for the GOP.

  • bubblesezblonde 9 months ago

    0:59 ~Spot ON!! 1:37 Good for Dre! I am more than concerned about the lack of supervision per classified documents. This needs to be addressed PRONTO.

  • No Name 9 months ago

    even more funny: mtg wrote no one can stop here with that clip. and she got stopped immediately…


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