The Hell and Horror of Giving Birth While Black

Published on June 17, 2022

Black women are 3x more likely to die while giving birth than white women. Sam explores why. And it’s even more infuriating than you might think. Featuring Dr. Joia Crear Perry.

This piece was produced by Amber Watson with Ishan Thakore and edited by Jesse Coane.



  • Lissy Howdle 2 years ago

    It’s the same in the UK. Black pregnant people are more likely to die in childbirth than white. It’s appalling.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    America really is Number One in soooo many of the worst ways.

  • solidstate2b 2 years ago

    There are certain industries and professions where treating matters of discrimination as mere social problems instead of technical procedural problems is batshit insane.

    Healthcare is most definitely one of them.

    We need to stop manufacturing toxic professionals… And instead manufacture professionals who treat the patterns/mechanics of discriminations like technical / procedural problems…

  • corynardin 2 years ago

    Along with birthing centers in low income communities they need grocery stores too.

  • KingJamos 2 years ago

    It almost feels like there is some sort of system designed to keep minorities down… *sigh*

  • Patrick Barry 2 years ago

    Get rid of the filibuster.

  • Crusty Cobs 2 years ago

    The most SPENT on healthcare, but poor healthcare for the general population

  • Durian_Land 2 years ago

    LOL, I’m Filipino and now based in Norway. I would never move to the US, but Norway isn’t all that, the struggle is the same, the only difference is that people still believe they have the power to change things, Americans need to do the same – btw please don’t lose the mid-term elections democrats, I mean, really, please don’t.

  • R. Flash 2 years ago

    Im a tad confused she maybe could have gathered more information other than just saying racism. Like I understand her saying Healthcare is racist to black women but show me more evidence provide some better context or source materials. Like for example she said she had her child a month early because of racism. Its like okkkk like expound on that point!

  • Kerry J 2 years ago

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  • Anne Scholten 2 years ago

    “We don’t need more things shaped like dicks”!! Love it.


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