The Harry-Meghan-Oprah Interview Is All the Buzz

Published on March 9, 2021

James Corden kicks off the show recapping Oprah Winfey’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, and James realizes the “wedding” he attended wasn’t very official at all. And James gives us a handsy tutorial on how to milk a cow. After, Reggie Watts attempts to explain NFT art to James, who cannot pronounce “indistinguishable.”

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  • Krissa Louvae 1 year ago

    I don’t believe one word that woman says. And I won’t say what I think about her character, anyone with any intelligence at all can see through her. But for Harry’s sake, I hope he won’t continue down this path he’s on. His family loves him, but he can possibly burn his bridges too far. It’s sad that the person who “made him realize he was trapped” doesn’t actually love him because he wouldn’t be doing things he’s doing if he didn’t love her. And she’s managed to estrange him from the people who do love him. Again, I don’t believe her accusations, but even IF they were true….if you love someone, this is not how you handle personal family problems. She’s dangerous and toxic. Those poor children, too. To be brought up thinking half of their family doesn’t love them only because of their skin – and that is a LIE. Scary.

  • Mariam S 1 year ago

    Dear Oprah,
    They’re lying and you know it.

  • minnehonk1 1 year ago

    NFT showing the rich have to much money

  • Veronica Servin 1 year ago

    I don’t know why he didn’t mention about the racism and just spoke about a chicken ? Really ?🙄

  • Rowan Melton 1 year ago

    Don’t forget she disowned her real family, and her treatment of her father was horrendous. This woman is chasing power and fame. Meets a red faced Prince, screws his brains out. And then doesn’t take any the responsibility which comes with being a royal. She’s selfish, narcissistic, cruel, unempathetic, and has a major victim mentality

  • Kasım Herdem 1 year ago

    On Prince Harry’s Departure from the Crown

    The book, On Freedom, which the English intellectual will easily remember, is a work with translations in many parts of the world. This work, written by John Stuart Mill in 1859 as a proof of the solid foundations of liberal thought, is also an answer to socialist thinkers.
    When I had the opportunity to read this work, years later, various thoughts about Prince Harry’s separation from the Royal Family emerged in my mind, which enabled me to take an analogical approach where I could better compare the conflicts between socialist writers and individualist writers.
    Mill had named Chapter 3 of the book “Individuality as One of the Elements of Happiness.” Even the title, with the word “Someone” in itself, was an indication of how much Mill cares about the individual in the field of concrete thoughts.
    Mill mentioned about happiness, not comfort. Those who want to get comfort know that they have to display attitudes and behaviors in accordance with customs and habits. They begin to work with a famous question: What suits my position? In fact, the individual is not involved in this problem. There are dogmatic norms that have emerged in society and in the historical process. Happiness is not a pleasure that the society will feel, pleasure is an emotion that the individual can feel inside.
    What would suit my character? If we could begin ourselves with the question, maybe we could increase our chances of reaching happiness even more. I think Meghan was able to ask Harry that question.
    What could be the real reason for abandoning such a comfort space? Why would the fairy tales life be abandoned? Domestic misfits or whims? Or is it the gossip issue? Here, none of these are none of my business.
    Handling the subject from a psychological point of view, long-term analyzes can be made on factors such as the loss of his mother in a car accident at a young age or accepting someone from the out of Monarchy as his wife. As I said, this really doesn’t concern me.
    I am not a loyal guard or an ardent supporter of liberal ideas. I am just an individual who values a person who is a singular entity. When The God created Hz. Adam, God ordered all the angels to bow down to him. All angels accepted, but except Satan, because he claimed that Adam was created from soil but he created from fire and he said taht l am superior than Hz. Adem. Arrogance is the greatest of sins. “What are the routines of those who superior than me” is a question that can get to fall into the trap of arrogance not only the members of the Royal Family but also middle class even lower ones.
    Harry’s separation from the Royal Family is not a transition to membership of the lower classes. He still continues his ontological existence as a member of Royal Family but he has given a great message to the whole world in action. This is called Freedom. It is not the freedom of a nation but of course the personal freedom of the individual.
    In the scope of decisions, we make in line with our individual characteristics and priorities, we feel free and then happy. It takes a courage. It requires having a brave heart. The pay the price requires travel from the realm of comfort to the realm of hardships. This is also the destruction of the security guarantee, which is social capital.
    In interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry said that l am very concerned because the history is repeating. He is referring his mother matters and at this time he is in USA not UK. The good thing is that he expresses his feeling happy. This is happiness.

  • john tett 1 year ago

    Who cares? He is not even a royal – ask James Hewitt.
    Charles and Diana both had blood group O.
    As anyone knows, if both parents have blood group O then their children must have blood group O.
    Try Googling to find Harry’s blood group – you won’t find it.
    A cover up to hide the true facts.

  • shenaz khan 1 year ago

    Meghan is calculating and fake.
    Long live the queen

  • Jay Tuffnell 1 year ago

    Ok but why didn’t James say anything important about the interview, just skirting around the topic? There was some pretty important stuff discussed, mental health, racism, and all he had to say on it were jokes about who’s watched it on TV and stuff.

  • David Connell 1 year ago

    Does the band on this show ever play music or do they just kid around all day?

  • Rathi Nada 1 year ago

    Living in a mansion wearing $4500 dress talking about depression, suicidal all sort of funny stuff to make people depression

  • Good Lookin' Out Homie 1 year ago

    A Hollywood actress complains to a billionaire about her life as a princess.

  • Modupe Ola 1 year ago

    Any link to watch the full interview??

  • Csongor Ottó Dandé 1 year ago


  • Freedom for men 1 year ago

    Prince Harry will go down in history as the greatest mangina of all time. Meghan will become the biggest manipulating gold digger.

  • Groovy 1970's Channel 1 year ago

    The queen of Woke has a problem with someone mentioning skin colour. But Woke is about skin colour. As usual she shows herself to be a total hypocrite!

  • Red 1168 1 year ago

    Such a one-sided “interview”.
    Archie not given a title of Prince is not because of his race or color.

  • Sheila Kirwan 1 year ago

    For the mental.good health of H and M , I seriously hope they can find wiser friends than Oprah. The answer to our problems can only be solved by looking at our minds, our perception, our hurt…pointing the finger outwards ..especially when we get validated for doing so, only keeps us stuck in the problem and makes enemies and divisions …it never works …when or if they have no more enemies outside, they will find fault with each other. IT IS NOT WHAT I WANT for them. This is one side of them, I don’t doubt they and Oprah have good hearts and this way will not help. I am surprised with all the work that Oprah did with Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie, who show how we can find peace whatever the external situation that she went down this very harmful route. Who knows when the mind is deluded or has hidden agendas. That is the business of each and everyone of us. Hoping they can all work privately on their issues, so they can all be at peace and not harming others either, which at the end of the day only comes down to our own misunderstanding and projections.

  • david bates 1 year ago

    A soap actress and her man-child husband wallowing in fake self-pity whilst loafing around in the sun in their multi-million-dollar lifestyle….that’s news ? The British public are well rid of them both…….good luck America !!!!

  • Jamie Shapiro 1 year ago

    There are a lot of comments saying that you can’t get depression if you’re rich – That’s like saying you can’t catch a cold if you’re wearing a green shirt.


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