The Green New Deal | The Daily Show

Published on February 13, 2019

From the people who brought you THE KENYAN PRESIDENT (2008) and THE CARAVAN (2018) comes… THE GREEN NEW DEAL



  • spenx09 1 year ago

    “Threat to our way of life”… right, because oceans rising are GREAT for our way of life

  • Martin Rocket 1 year ago

    Such a horrible Marxist world where my children dictate that I am not allowed to destroy their world. Where is my freedom and my liberty?

  • Amy Dailey 1 year ago

    This Green New Deal is toooooo EXTREME!!!!!! I believe in climate change , but there has to be a better solution. Killing cows !!!!! Ending transportation… Is this for real??????????

  • Seydou Sy OBAMA 1 year ago

    Watch the Trevor Noah of Senegal

  • Cindy Oser 1 year ago

    I’m loving AOC shaking up the swamp.

  • Mr. Spiteful 1 year ago

    Fox is going to meme AOC right into the White House.

  • Lindalee Law 1 year ago

    The Boomers had all this set…. talk about fear mongering..
    Do not listen to the man named Sean He doesn’t know crap but he contributes to the pile.

  • Juri 1 year ago

    The stupid virus is hitting Fox hard eh?

  • EdwardERS 1 year ago

    I’d sacrifice eating meat if Fox News would go bankrupt.

  • Jimbo Bojim 1 year ago

    I 100% support the green new deal.. Ban air travel immediately, Love it. rebuild every building in the US in ten years. Absolutely fantastic idea. Get rid of farmers. Yep. No more methane. Ban ALL privately owned automobiles that don’t meet the pollution requirements… I can afford a used prius, works for me. No unnecessary travel. Good tired of tailgaters.
    400 square feet for residences I’m single that’s perfect. Non land owners will be moved down south in tent cities while the reconstruction starts… Good people need to learn to camp.
    100% support from me.

  • Brandon C 1 year ago

    While i do believe we should be a little more “green” this is not the way.

  • Free Free 1 year ago

    Blow up Fox News. But only if you want to save America.

  • MissHMSilk 1 year ago

    Soylent Green is the 1%

  • Filippo Botteon 1 year ago

    For fuck sake, don’t lean towards leftist populists like Ocasio-Cortez just because you have to face racists and bigots like that orange guy. Don’t make the same mistake italian politics made decades ago, the photo of a country split into a communist half, a fascist one and at the centre a fucking joke of a party who doesn’t even question the idea, common both to the left and to the right, that the state has to control your life in some way.

  • Randist 1 year ago

    Hands up when you first thought this was a Markiplier video judging from the thumbnail xD

  • john eckhartjr 1 year ago

    free healthcare free abortions free vaccines free sterilization and free euthanasia

  • nieblamulticolor 1 year ago

    what is wrong with these conservative usa people im having secondhand embarassment

  • aguy654 1 year ago

    This is how you know they haven’t researched shit.

  • Denzil Bilson 1 year ago

    I makes me sad to see America is always divided amongst party lines. Why can’t we just get our shit together and work for our common advancement? ??‍♂️

  • Randy Woodworth 1 year ago

    Is there anything more pathetic than the rhetoric on Fox news?


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