The Great Mask War | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 5, 2020

Why are we still debating whether you need to wear a mask or not? #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Coronavirus



  • Zzzzeyd 9 months ago


  • GaliciaArt 9 months ago

    Mask debate sounds so dirty

  • Jannette Berends 9 months ago

    Disney is not the most magical place in the world. The Efteling is.

  • Joanne Beal 9 months ago

    I think everybody is missing the point of corona. It’s a plague. People are either gonna get it or they’re not, mask or no mask. No one can control something God sent down 😊 he does as he pleases. I wear one because we’re required to but I know and understand God is my mask I’ll be just as fine not wearing one as I will wearing it. God did made some in his image but that is a spiritual meaning! God is not human! Only people that know, understand, and believe in God will have faith in him. It’s obvious America, the other countries, the WHO, and this channel don’t have faith in God.

  • Mayajid 9 months ago

    At one point or another- I think it would be perfectly ok for doctors and expert in America to publicly say “F*ck it- We tried our hardest… you do you… I guess we do need some chlorine in the gene pool…” My heart goes out to them.

  • eugean stepantsov 9 months ago

    The world, America is fighting two epidemics right now.

  • James 007 9 months ago

    Trevor change his shirt 3 times… And a shave on the third

  • quest 77051 9 months ago

    putin’s useful idiot is doing a great job for vladimir lololol.

  • Okkie Trooy 9 months ago

    I am quite sure that in the deserts of the middle east almost everyone was wearing monthmasks.

  • NaughtyFatPaws NFP 9 months ago

    america – land of the stupid, not land of the free. (sorry for those there who aren’t stupid. my condolences)

  • Harry Roberts 9 months ago

    Have he seen God, and live to tell anyone. Mose been closer to God and he hasn’t seen his face.

  • Soooby Rooo 9 months ago

    So I’ve heard religious people say they weren’t born with a mask on their face and God didn’t make them that way. All righty then, were there babies born with diapers on?

  • Mario Williams 9 months ago

    Hey just wanna tell you Trevor good job to you and your team for getting all nominations…keep up the good work guys cuz honestly we need yall.

  • Angel 9 months ago

    This dude is my source for news

  • ChubbleFluff/ChubbyAwesome 9 months ago

    The stupidity pandemic is even worse…

  • Dorien Hamilton 9 months ago

    Anyone spotted the “Ruckus” in this video ?😂

  • Emily 9 months ago

    workers @ Cricket no 😷 masks
    Ppl @ metro pc no masks
    When asked, they only cover mouth.
    Play this video everywhere
    Not just political
    Exhausting asking ppl to CARE.

  • {Valve} Terry A David Tf2 9 months ago

    Just wear your damn mask, it’s not that hard

  • Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 9 months ago

    Anti masker logic: “wearing seatbelts and driving the speed limit is an attack on my personal rights and freedom itself”…

  • John Edward Jones 9 months ago

    Will never forgot that DON THE CON had a MASKLESS GASLIGHTER in Tulsa. HERMAN CAIN gave his life to enable tRump 10 days later. 10 others that we know of were infected.


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