The GOP’s Insane Election Conspiracy Theories Now Include “Italygate”: A Closer Look

Published on June 7, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump reportedly believing he’ll be “reinstated” in the White House as some of his allies and supporters openly call for a coup.

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  • B. Lipkowitz 1 year ago

    These guys are so DELUSIONAL. The US WHY HOUSE is the better seat for Trump Republicans. TRUTH PROTECT the LIVING. TRUTH IS WHAT IT IS. Think, “The Three Little Pigs.” The cast of characters is, freakishly, OBVIOUS. CHOOSE true or false, life or death, equality or racism, DEMOCRACY or Treachery, LOYALTY or betrayal.

  • Bill Mozart 1 year ago

    Seth’s Werner Herzog is pretty good

  • matt hutton 1 year ago

    That cicada sounds suspiciously like The Target Lady.

  • Tom Pashkov 1 year ago

    Best of the year.

  • TheZombiemofo 1 year ago

    Tbh the man struggled to close an umbrella, it really wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t and to put pants on the right way round.
    Additionally how racist is it to think “fake ballots would from China, so they must have bamboo in them!”?

  • Kuro myou 1 year ago

    Anyone going to be sad when the pandemic ends? I feel this show has gotten crazier and more entertaining because of it

  • R 1 year ago


  • Amy Sparkman 1 year ago

    Love all seth’s impersonations

  • Donald Dump 1 year ago

    Ladies and gentlemen…the face of the Republican Party..

  • Leroy Oterang 1 year ago

    lazy eyelid👀👀👀

  • Ary Ferreira 1 year ago

    So now is “Italygate” what country will be next ??

  • John Nielsen 1 year ago


  • stalka929 1 year ago

    I’m certain now that Seth’s pencil tick is in reality a dog whistle for the Seacaptain Mallards, a group of militants set out for joke equality as a ruse for their coup of the show.

    Just you watch. Soon Seth will use his pencil as a trumpet for a joke and that will be the signal. The signal for 30 Rock’s comeback. Reinstatement!!!!

  • Alain Archambault 1 year ago

    GOP, tRump, supporters, biggest bunch of snowflakes EVER!

  • Hair8Metal8Karen 1 year ago

    Petloser also sounds like the republicans’ dating site…

  • Emery Paine 1 year ago

    Why Italy?

  • Ricardo Chucky 1 year ago

    Joe Manchin what a likable person.. just like Ted Cruz and Sinema.

  • Joseph Magliocca 1 year ago

    5:37 Petloser could give you a loser for a pet.

  • Carly Diaz 1 year ago

    it’s comforting to know the last year and change has left seth just as unhinged as i am, i didn’t even think about how obscure a talking cicada character was until he pointed it out last week

  • camwyn256 1 year ago

    Trump doesn’t have small hands. He wears a suit that’s too big which makes his hands seem small. He’s not disfigured, he’s just an idiot who can’t dress himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had put his pants on backwards


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