The GOP vs. Constituents: The Daily Show

Published on March 1, 2017

During the first congressional recess under President Trump, Republican lawmakers return to their home districts to confront floods of angry constituents.

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  • Alyssa King 2 years ago

    If you listen carefully you can hear the whisper of the wind “you little bitch”

  • JackS Sole 2 years ago

    So if they are against them then theyre are fake .right

  • 10117JVBB 2 years ago

    I hate to say it but there is an actual business of people getting paid to protest.
    Last week tonight just did a piece on it.
    And I’m not saying these people were being paid because the vast majority probably wasn’t, but it is indeed possible

  • Dina Anteneh 2 years ago

    Omg do you ever take a break Trevor? It seems like you post 24/7 videos of Donald “Duck” Trump

  • Josephine Anne Weigers 2 years ago

    Hahahaha the hand movement ohmygod

  • Risc 2 years ago

    I bet she used healthcare to treat the bullet wound

  • Jade Birk 2 years ago

    Alternative facts, fake news and paid protesters so basicly everything we think about the Trump Administration is a lie because they say so

  • Ben Fluke 2 years ago

    thumbs up for the jerk at the end

  • Mango 2 years ago

    U know you f#!ed up when a kid is throwing shade

  • Etienne Aubert 2 years ago

    great American logic: We need to arm our citizens as a means of protecting the 2nd amendment. …. we can’t hold town hall meetings because our citizens are armed!

  • Xavier hillard 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah you my dog for life we always going to be homie

  • Christopher Bedford 2 years ago

    Those aren’t llamas they’re alpacas

  • Darhan Sansyzbaı 2 years ago

    Oh, Republicans and their ridiculous conspiracies.

  • Donna B 2 years ago

    I’ve been binge watching all day!!! Love this show?? Trevor Noah is my new favorite next to Seth Meyers

  • SilverCraft 2 years ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the accent of the llama was well suited?

  • AllesSchwedisch 2 years ago

    Go Giffords!

  • JessyJ 420 2 years ago

    My props to the youngster #getkidsinvolved

  • Andethidial 2 years ago

    I watch this episode 5th time xD

  • ReconstructedBeauty 2 years ago

    In the bottom right corner of the screen where it says Comedy Central is Central upside down or am I high , I mean I know I’m high but I mean is it upside down I guess it’s a question???

  • Naomi Gary 2 years ago

    the guy screaming “you’re gone in 2020” has been my mood since november 9, 2016.


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