The GOP Is Consumed By Its Own Conspiracy Theories As Establishment Republicans Jump Ship

Published on February 2, 2021

If crazy conspiracy theories are a cancer on the Republican Party, people like Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove have spent the last 20 years selling cigarettes to their base. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue

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  • Ichijo Festival 12 months ago

    “…you’re not risking jury duty…”
    Hubbuddawhaa? Is *that* how they get us? I’m gonna need someone to check him on that– I’ve never not voted so I’d have no way of knowing. (I mean.. short of looking it up… But I’m not gonna do that though. I’m just not.)

  • Patrick Wentzell 12 months ago

    Little Johnny and his father are outside walking and Johnny sees a man pissing on a brick wall. asks his father.
    ” daddy why is that man peeing on the wall over there?”
    father says to him.
    ” well son that man is just marking his own territory that’s all.”
    so they continue walking and then few minutes later Johnny sees a dog peeing on a fire hydrant and asks.
    ” daddy why is that doggy peeing on
    that fire hydrant?”
    once again the father says to him.
    ” that dog is just marking his territory it’s getting late we need to get home.”
    so Little Johnny and his father walk back to the house. well next morning Little Johnny is seen pissing on the living room floor and the father loudly asks his son.
    ” Johnny what do you think your
    doing young man!!?”
    Johnny says to him.
    ” oh I am just marking my own territory.”

  • G55d H555r 12 months ago

    Always hilarious.

  • DANIEL BIN OMAR - 12 months ago

    Why are the republicans putting blame on Trump? It was also the republicans that help trump incite the riot? Shouldn’t they all be punished? “Fired”? Like how Biden says it?

  • Erica Tejas 12 months ago


  • Drummer Girl 12 months ago

    “FDR eats babies folks”….hilarious! Great delivery from Mr.. Colbert and brilliant writing by staff…♥️🥰♥️

  • Uncle Joe 12 months ago

    Stephen has the best writers.

  • maureen stemmle 12 months ago

    Uhhhh didn’t Trump say on multiple occasions that people would riot if he didn’t win? Like for years? And we know he followED (oh i love using that tense in this context) all these q anon followers on twitter. I can’t see Trump being unaware of the plans they didn’t even try to hide. He encouraged their belief and adulation of him, stirred them up and gave the mob his approval.

  • Johnny Faint 12 months ago

    It made it so much funnier because your staff was barely able to stifle their laughter

  • Bonnie Urso 12 months ago

    Tell LINDSEY to get ready for the box!

  • SwiftBlade4 12 months ago

    Bezos could have given a 1/4 of the $100,000 that the post says he could have given his employees,

    And everyone would love him for it.

  • Oliver 12 months ago

    7:04 when you order anderson cooper on wish

  • Another WorldView Is Possible 12 months ago

    So “Looney Lies” and “Crazy Conspiracy theories”… Remind me how that differs from “RussiaGate”… exactly, please – Stephen?

    How about the unprovable and debunked “Russian Bounties” story? Is the difference primarily where one gets one’s unsubstantiated allegations, from anonymous “Intelligence” sources? 4Chan – BAD…(The CIA’S) WaPo – GOOD!!!

    REMEMBER where those WMD LIES were Laundered, Stephen…the “Intelligence Community”.

    And whatever you do… Don’t look into “The Finders” case… Or whatever was going on in Nebraska, with “The FRANKLIN COVERUP”, or the DC Callboy Scandal, or the Jeffrey Epstein case, or… Yeah… Totally “looney”…🤦

  • johan iojo 12 months ago

    It’s the second time these ReTRUMPliCLANs don’t want witnesses during a trial; law and order??

  • Connor Learmonth 12 months ago

    Anyone else notice the air trombone at the end?

  • Mimi Bigdy 12 months ago

    Impeach Conald J Swamp, Criminal-in-Chief.

  • Matthew LaSalvia 12 months ago

    The Republican Party has to be abolished.

  • Norbert Sattler 12 months ago

    “If you call a single witness, we will make sure every bit of evidence will be uncovered!”
    … and that is supposed to be a threat? That is not a pandora’s box, that is literally the purpose of a trail!
    So yeah, go right ahead and fulfill your “threat”. Please really do.

    But come to think of it, the Pandora’s Box metaphor might actually be fitting (even though unintentionally). Because in the story when the box was opened a second time (the first time of course releasing all the bad stuff) it released hope to mankind.
    In this context one could think that all the crimes being committed was the first opening and the the trail will open the box a second time to let hope out.
    Yeah, Pandora’s Box seems like a really good fit after all, for people actually knowing what it means, rather than people who just parrot the term without really knowing the story behind it.

  • Bonnie Urso 12 months ago

    Oh yes I too will write a strongly worded letter about greene.¿Very Strong Words,the best words ,but very strongly said!

  • LaineyL87 12 months ago

    Unites States? I always end up typing Untied States.


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