The GOP Is Actively Working to Restrict Voting in Key States | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on February 23, 2021

Republicans are using false voter fraud claims as fuel to limit voting. In Georgia, Republicans are trying to end Souls To The Polls and make it illegal to hand out water and food in line. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #VotingLaws

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  • Nicholas Barao 8 months ago

    Trying to restrict people’s right to vote seems like fascism to me.

  • pop5678eye 8 months ago

    The USA criticizes other countries when those countries place any restrictions on voting… But when it comes to us? Surely any vote not agreeing with yours is ‘fraud’ and must be discounted…
    If you heard that there is a country that criminalizes handing out water to voters in line you’d usually think it’s some place like Venezuela, North Korea or Iran, places that have ‘voting’ as pretty much just a show.
    When did we become a ‘for show’ voting country?

  • marlon wade 8 months ago

    Lol Amirikka!!

  • Colin Skelding 8 months ago

    ALL Senate gov officials deserve to be elliminated in any way possible.

  • Gunnar Herzog 8 months ago

    It always astonishes me how “the leader of the free world”, “the greatest country in the world” and “the beacon of democracy” manages to fail so epically at democracy. Seriously, how can Americans even still call themselves a democracy?

  • Johnny Dez 8 months ago

    They make it easier to purchase a gun than vote.

  • The Gator 8 months ago

    Its been becoming more and more obvious that the GOP is just the wrong side for years now, and it makes me really confused / upset that there’s still half of the country that literally thinks democrats are evil authoritarians when THIS is what they’re praising. It’s pathetic frankly

  • CHeng Ye 8 months ago

    well mates, actually the Fathers SUCK democracy, they even hope no one could have his/her vote so that only the elites could decide the fate of all states

  • Eduard Bernhuber 8 months ago

    What a Country 👍Who vote for these guy’s??.I need more popcorn for the Circus USA and the Republican Clowns

  • bob 8 months ago

    Conservatives are the biggest threat to democracy in every democratic country.

  • Urban German 8 months ago

    We r gonna have to vote by stoning all candidates and who ever survives wins 😳

  • Marcus John 8 months ago

    America is a fucking joke..

  • Bill Wilhite 8 months ago

    Burt Jones ahole

  • Ben Rajan 8 months ago

    Voting needs to become mandatory.

  • Daniel Hostetler 8 months ago

    Just hand out water and food as they walk up to get in line.

  • Pat Bol 8 months ago

    This is incredibly shameful 🙁

  • Jamie Newell 8 months ago

    I almost moved to GA. I am so glad I didn’t. It’s tough to watch what is going on down there. Thanks Trevor for pointing this shit out!

  • Gloria Kiss 8 months ago

    This is how the gop stole the election from Hillary Clinton

  • Planning my death Sleepy days 8 months ago

    Republicans are beyond discusting

  • V S 8 months ago

    At what point can we label the GOP a terrorist organization?


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