The GOP Gives America’s Neediest Millionaires a Tax Break: The Daily Show

Published on December 4, 2017

Trevor takes a closer look at the Republican-penned Senate tax bill that gives massive breaks to millionaires and large corporations.

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  • mustafa aljozi 3 years ago

    Goodbye amarica hahaha how stupid is this a free cou
    ntry my ass

  • Anon archist 3 years ago

    stupid average americans wasting their hard earned money on food and housing instead of gambling on stocks.

  • Flames N/a 3 years ago

    I hope this bill doesn’t pass cuz this is crazy

  • jravage77 3 years ago

    ALL AMERICANS get a Tax Break with this GOP tax plan. If you make 9,500 to 38,000 you now pay 12% instead of 15%. That’s a lot of money. Plus businesses all over like AT&T ,CVS, Verizon and Merrell Lynch are all raising their minimum wages to $15+ country wide because of the GOP tax break.

  • Bobby Sayn 3 years ago

    Well I hope those republicans who are poor and voted for trump are happy

  • Essex123 456 3 years ago

    Elect the worst among you and they will do the worst to you!

  • Danis Ranze 3 years ago

    I got a ad saying this tax bill was good.

  • Peace & Love 3 years ago

    WTF… lol wow crazy shit

  • space cowboy 3 years ago

    Just another way the number worshipping accountant destroyers suck the joy out of life and humanity.

  • eddiequest4 3 years ago

    Tesla will always be a great company, because EM gives it his ALL every minute of his 12-hr-day (regardless of what he is paid). That’s just the kind of guy he is.
    Pardon the pun, but – He is ‘Driven’.

  • mj1994 2 years ago

    Attributations? I could bet good money thats the word

  • Nicholas Netherwood 2 years ago

    I bet all of Donald Trump’s supporters couldn’t even read that they had to pay more, so they won’t be mad.

  • Vincent Chen 2 years ago

    Isn’t that word just “attributed”

  • Theiron Golemshow 2 years ago

    Just so sad I love this country and I’m not even from here but my point is how is this man managed to get in the WH,i really can’t believe people actually vote for him,he’s the most selfish grown man I’ve ever see heck my seven year old son even said he’s dump,I can’t stand his lying face,

  • Dragon sinx 2 years ago

    “I call him desky” I died lmao

  • Nour Harb 2 years ago

    Wait didn’t the guy mean prostitutes and escorts when he said women and not actually spending it on the women in their lives?

  • Gina Burton 2 years ago

    Trevor I love you but everyone knows Batman can beat superman! He doesn’t need powers he’s a ninja!

  • GravitySloth 2 years ago

    …it says “attributable”, can you guys really not read that? don’t get me wrong, it was a god-awful bill, but all this about how hard it is to read seems silly.

  • CEOs Evolve 2 years ago

    1.5 trillion dollars theft with pens and cameras on in bright light on international television. I truly believed detective Conan when he says there isn’t a perfect crime. My childhood is ruined.

  • Meverynoob 2 years ago

    They gave alcohol producers tax breaks to lower the prices of beer for Kavanaugh


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