The GOP Doesn’t Care if Their “Law and Order” President Breaks the Law | The Daily Show

Published on December 13, 2018

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Following Michael Cohen’s sentencing, Republicans scramble to downplay the criminal implications for President Trump.



  • Hobbes Hobbiton 2 years ago

    Shame Trump didn’t get HPV with all of the affairs he’s had.

  • HollyBlueAgitated 2 years ago

    so Trump wants Law and Order – which one, the main series, SVU, Criminal Intent, the UK version, Trial by Jury or Los Angeles

    -I can hear Jerry Orbach rolling in his grave-

  • Dom Trussardi 2 years ago

    This is why Trump can’t be a real crime boss: he’s too stupid to pick loyal sociopaths, and he doesn’t have the balls to keep them in line.

  • HitchensImmortal 2 years ago

    Russian stooge Rand Paul has yet another dipshit opinion. It’s ALL about ‘muh ethics’ until it isn’t.

  • Zachery Walsh 2 years ago

    chuck schumer in a cat suit be sexy af

  • Esko Kirjonen 2 years ago

    Eric is half a bird…?

  • Asa Coe 2 years ago


    Trump’s Corporate Fascist KAKISTOCRACY is falling!!!!

    You white supremacist Neo-Nazi COWARDS, might want to go back in hiding in the Woodworks.

  • JunzyStarz* 2 years ago

    boi his arm tho ??

  • Zachery Walsh 2 years ago

    What did Rand Paul mean when he said “banana republic”

  • Andre Jasmin 2 years ago

    So the Dems will stop pretending it’s about Russia? Witch hunt

  • Darna Torres 2 years ago

    I remember when he used to work hard to be funny.

  • Autumn Anderson 2 years ago

    Hey stupid news flash the orange man is a loser. The dems didn’t call up the Russians to build a nice spa and ask the Russians to help us win elections. Just think if Hillary and all her girlfriends did this. Anyone one who doesn’t think the orange man did anything wrong is just as guilty as the orange man and his offsprings.

  • Jisun P 2 years ago

    I love how the Daily show supports their arguments

  • Naghi Astnei 2 years ago

    Come on Trevor!. Laws are for Common people and opponents not for proponents.

  • Orenthal Simpson 2 years ago

    Why do they still do court drawings, it’s 2018 take a f****** picture

  • coinsagE46m3 2 years ago

    The sheer level of hypocrisy between Hatch and Paul is simply astounding.

  • Seraphyx 2 years ago

    Okay I’m being serious, how can we leave someone like orrin hatch in charge of anything related to the government? This guy has quite literally lost his mind. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about or what’s going on…

  • Dragon1717 2 years ago

    You bottom feeding scoundrels have been trying to get Trump out of office since day one. Stay neutered of power. It’s fail after fail after fail. lolz

  • HesteBremse 2 years ago

    We must not forget that his former real surname was ‘Drumpf’ – Which sounds a lot more like a Drunk guy farting, than the genius he keeps bragging about that he is.
    Who in their right mind would have to tell publicly that “I am very intelligent” and “I have a very good Brains” – Only not so intelligent people will do that.

    – Trump is the best at saying he is the best – that is what he is best at.

  • Danielle Spargo 2 years ago

    “thirst trap” is not a phrase I’ve ever heard before. I wonder why it isn’t used more often, as it’s very descriptive, while also being self-explanatory.

    That being said, i can’t really say i like the phrase. Isn’t the only reason to post pics on social media to get likes and comments from friends? I guess i just don’t see why everyone does this singling out thing – “guys will find you attractive, so you’re not just posting a picture, but setting a trap for men.” I just don’t get why this dichotomy runs so so deeply in our society. How attractive does a girl have to be before she can no longer post ordinary pictures, only thirst-traps? If she takes off her mascara, would it be a regular picture again? Hmmmm


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