​​The GOP Attack on Trans Rights – Beyond the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on June 14, 2022

There’s been a number of pieces of anti-trans legislation introduced around the country, with more than 300 bills proposed this year. In this episode, host Roy Wood Jr. sits down with ACLU Deputy Director for Transgender Justice, Chase Strangio, and author of “The Present Age” newsletter, Parker Molloy, to discuss the motivation behind these bills and how the attacks from conservatives have evolved from bathroom bans, to women’s sports and now to gender-affirming care. Parker and Chase also discuss their own experiences, challenges, and joys of being trans in America.

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  • Nina S 1 year ago

    Great discussion: thanks to all participants!

  • B D 1 year ago

    This individual is a very likeable interviewer!
    And both guests are so well spoken and informative.
    Thankful to all three of you for this discussion.

  • FulloutPostal 1 year ago

    at this point it should be titled “GOP Attack on Human Rights, Part xyz”

  • machsimillian14 1 year ago

    If you take nothing else away from this segment, listen to Parker’s final comment. Many trans and lgbt people suffer from thoughts of suicide due to outright demonization and rejection by society. So when you say that you don’t accept them, you reject their entire entity. Some people can withstand it, while others aren’t able to. So they take that irreversible action of ending their lives.

    Something as simple as just using preferred pronouns is extremely meaningful to people who have to fight everyday for validation. They’re not hurting anyone or anybody, it’s not contagious. If gender identity and gender roles were contagious, we’d have nothing but cis-normative people in this world due to everyone coming from a cis-woman and cis-man. If sexuality were contagious, it’d be the same as the prior case. People simply are who the are and scientific evidence is only ever increasing in support of this notion. It costs you nothing to be accepting of someone else living in his/her truth, but it means everything to that person.

  • Jobinian klein 1 year ago

    I don’t care about what they are doing with their body. but Talking about sports, I will believe only if at least one trasnman dominates in men sport

  • Carlos Speicywiener 1 year ago

    That’s an unfair assumption.
    The GOP is all about rights and freedom, but only for the GOP. They don’t care about anyone else’s rights and they want to eliminate our freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re LGBTQ or anything it doesn’t matter if you’re not, if you’re not in line with the GOP, they want to destroy you. There are 2 political parties in the United states, Democrats and confederates. That’s about it.

  • Douglas Tibbitts 1 year ago

    I’m sorry , maybe I missed something.
    What rights do I have that they don’t ?

  • Oskar Denis Baharudin 1 year ago

    Conservatives want only one thing; the power to punish people. Their purpose is always to cause misery to some other group other than theirs.

  • Jenevie Brown 1 year ago

    I am sorry I think I am open minded and I support peoples rights to live but all of this is propaganda

  • Singing Sunflower 1 year ago

    But there IS too many too young kids that start to think they are the wrong gender just because they are not as feminine or as masculine as their friends.. And yeah they struggle, but EVERYONE struggle growing up. I can totally picture a child that has started going through medical treatments with hormones and whatever that costs a lot, being afraid to speaking up if they start hving doubts.

  • l4m41987 1 year ago

    just crazy and sad.

  • DMP 1 year ago

    It is incredible how backwards our country is going on so many issues.

  • CluB ElitE 1 year ago

    the sports issue should be a hard no. no way is it fair for a man to put on a wig and take estrogen and compete against women. how is that fair to a woman whos trained her whole life vs a man whos parading as a woman that alreadyhas an unfair strength advantage not to mention pure testosterone and muscle as opposed to therapy to mimic that.

  • Anastasia Brennan 1 year ago

    Bless you

  • McEnroe 1 year ago

    Ayy people can do what they want and I’m all for it. But kids should absolutely wait until adulthood, then if they want it, go ahead.


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