The Golden Globes Apologizes For Their Female Director Snub – CONAN on TBS

Published on December 9, 2019

CONAN Highlight: To make up for the oversight, the Globes are offering every woman who attends the ceremony an official Golden Globes apron.

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  • Mateo 1 year ago

    This country is ass backwards and confusing. I saw Peleton Bike commerical, I have no clue why anyone finds it controversial. Women not nominated, as if a requirement. And men are sexist for not going to chick flicks, which directors said were made for women.

  • Sam T 1 year ago

    I like the joke here, but…

    does anyone really believe the Hollywood Foreign Press or any similar heavily liberal organization is snubbing anyone because they’re women?

  • A Lost One 1 year ago

    Andy’s laugh after the “Springer crowd” ad-lib is awesome.

  • January Baby 1 year ago

    deep sigh

  • Wolfman7870 1 year ago

    So sick of this mindset. Why do we care about the genitals of the people directing the movies. If all the people who directed the best films of the year are male, so be it. There probably weren’t any Asian directors nominated, why don’t we care about that?

  • blue text on white background 1 year ago

    implying that hollywood isn’t already radically liberal/feminist? if women made any good films in the past year, they would have been nominated. the fact that you couldn’t even give any examples does more damage than good to whatever the hell point you thought was being made in this skit.

    but to be fair, conan’s show was way better when it was mostly male writers.

  • gladitsnotme 1 year ago

    I am disappointed in the audience for not chanting *CONAN! CONAN! CONAN!* immediately after he said Springer crowd.

  • Steve Jobs 1 year ago

    Well to be fair the Golden Globes has come a long way. It used to be called the Golden Balls

  • Michael Quinn 1 year ago

    Here we go again with that lynch mob, blah blah blah!!

  • FallingTitan 1 year ago

    now a days you cannot nominate based on talent or the better work. you have to nominate equally male/female and different ethnicities. no matter how the work is you have to have 1 black 1 indian 1 chinese 1 white. and equally men and women. thats the law.

  • Hampus Lindman 1 year ago

    This comment section surprises me

  • D-thec- tieve 1 year ago

    So maybe all directors who deserved to be nominated were male, It doesn’t imply that men are superior, it’s just a statistically possible scenario!!!!

  • jumbeaux1 1 year ago

    Conan should be ashamed of promoting tokenism.

  • TheSwitch747 1 year ago

    Man what a crybaby pc crowd. And it was mostly guys booing. I thought it was funny and that this crowd has sticks up there asses.

  • #GuardianRocket 1 year ago

    ?I remember Mindy Kaling :

  • sweetriri90 1 year ago

    Just because it was a male director doesn’t automatically mean it is good

  • Surfer 1 year ago

    Let a female chime in, yes there is a bias. But at the same time, actually getting a nomination entails that one needs to be exceptional. Apart from Scorsese (who gets nominated if he sneezes), the nominees all produced exceptional films this year – last year? Hmmm 🙂 And if you want to see more exceptional work, feel free to subscribe for a sneak preview coming in the New Year. Happy Holidays all.

  • 1015Eelvis 1 year ago

    How long has that guy been on Conan? (One real with one witty answer)

  • Ken Belangel 1 year ago

    I didn’t know we care so much about affirmative action over quality in films

  • Gurkirat Singh 1 year ago

    Whatever TF this was! So performance doesn’t matter, you gender does, why am I not surprised?


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