The (Getting Back To) Tonight Show: Episode 1 – A Look Back



  • peachesandpoets 2 years ago

    This made me cry. We have been through a lot, y’all. Give yourself a break. You’re surviving an actual pandemic. And to those of us that got it early on before we knew enough and have recovered and have the long haul, you’re doing it. It’s difficult but you’re making it. Hang in there. Be safe. I love you.

  • pooplay 2 years ago


  • Vincent Valentine 2 years ago

    Coolest house ever.

  • Derek Ho 2013's 2 years ago

    Jimmy Fallon so committed keeping the show going even getting to back during This pandemic. Happy guy,

  • john Lopiccolo 2 years ago

    I was never a late night talk show fan (for any of the networks). I didnt start watching any of them until the “at home” versions were being produced. Now as they return to the studio and the shows return to their normal formats, I do find my interest in these types of shows fading.

    I honestly think it’s just the way they are presented. I prefer the casualness of the at home shows. No suits and ties. Things not going exactly as planned. The at home shows felt more like you were having a friend/guest over to visit which I think a lot of people were missing especially in the beginning of the pandemic. It allowed the audiance to connect to the host on a personal level. I loved having seeing guests on from their own houses with nothing to promote. It was like sitting in a room and listening to two friends catch up.

    The more formal studio versions come off as staged. The audiance’s laughter is a reminder you are simply watching a performance by an entertainer. It seems less personal and, maybe just for me, this makes it less enjoyable.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Laura R Gardea 2 years ago

    great walk down memory lane …

  • Linda C 2 years ago

    On your next show from home, can we have another moment with Gar?

  • The Wanderer 2 years ago

    what a year, thanks for all the laughs. I wish the best for you and yours. 😀

  • Ahmed A 2 years ago

    Must be a tough life. Thank God entertainers continued to entertain. God bless Franny, Winnie, and Nancy:
    thanks Jimmy for your privileged life! Made us smile while people died around the world.

  • sefter454 2 years ago

    The home stuff really helped cheer me up when everything was really grim must say great job by you and your family

  • Doc Feelgood 2 years ago

    Thank you Jimmy for inviting us into your home and your life at home , helped us so much feel a less crazy even for a hour . We have a 3 year old and when she watched Jimmys kids she got super happy I think because it was kids she could relate with . High bow (elbow) Jimmy, thank you ! I hope you do keep a version of the at home edition going we all sure would love it !

  • Javier Fernandez 2 years ago

    Change the title to:

    Jimmy’s one stick staircase rail. That’s the star.

  • David Lim 2 years ago

    Diz a family biz

  • Dan Simms 2 years ago

    Thanks for all the hard work. All of the late night shows have helped keep me sane. I start every morning watching all of the clips to keep up with the world, while I’m stuck inside.

  • Ms. Price 2 years ago

    I loved the home shows

  • Bonnie R 2 years ago

    The at home shows were the BEST. Honestly I watch less often now. In bed by 10.

  • Chris B 2 years ago

    I’m sure you love you kids Jimmy, as you should do. But they were tedious. I am grateful to never have to listen to them again.

  • Brooklynn White 2 years ago

    I really miss the at home talk shows from the very first few days before the networks figure out they could write it and put it on TV, without the audience or from at home. The hosts had a lot more freedom and you see their personality show through a lot more when they don’t have specific segments planned. James Cordan without the audience right now is my absolute favorite because they are still improving.

  • magna czagany 2 years ago

    The spontaneous nature of the show and your lovely, cosy home with your daughters and wife As co producers was great. Not to forget the slide and all the other rooms that we were allowed to see. Thanks for giving us one hour at night to forget and laugh. Be well !!!

  • Joshy Rosenbaum 2 years ago

    I wonder why his unique home is on the market?

  • VALENTINEproductions 2 years ago

    I miss the At Home version. I also miss the vibe they just had with Tariq as his sort of sidekick. Kinda wish it would go back to either one.

  • FertilityTV 2 years ago

    We live in Europe and I hope we have such a look back show, it means that the pandemic is over right? The home shows were nice, but i am glad to see you in the studio again…

  • Sharon Barton 2 years ago

    Loved the at home shows, they were wonderful!! The girls grew up so much this past year, they r precious!

  • kimberly cornelius 2 years ago

    The audience was always here just sitting in another studio


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