The Future Of Roe v. Wade According To ‘Pod Save America’

Published on May 16, 2019

The hosts of ‘Pod Save America,’ Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, don’t think that overturning Roe v. Wade is a winning issue in 2020.

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  • Jari Fuller 2 years ago

    i need to find their podcast

  • T Electronix 2 years ago


  • Isabella Krone 2 years ago

    Question: What’s the politics behind these statistics?

    According to statistics, the abortion rate for Black women is almost
    four times that of White women while Hispanic women are accounted for 22
    percent. So if a lot more Black and Hispanic women are aborting then
    White women why exactly are Republicans so keen of forbidding them to

    What are Republicans afraid of? Do they need these children, who will
    most likely struggle financially throughout their lives, to be their
    badly-educated, low-income-work-slaves? Do they need them to fill their
    privately operated prisons? Or whatever else do they need them for? Does
    anybody have an idea?

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    Not a single piece of information, not one take, that was somehow new or surprising or not clear half a year ago. Why am I watching this on Colbert?

  • Brian Cossey 2 years ago

    Who are these guys? Being 12 is now our policy against trump

  • Karideplov 2 years ago

    Is that JKF on Tommy’s socks. I love listening to these guys. 3 intelligent gentlemen that know how to deliver a message who once worked for an intelligent man who knew how to deliver a message. Man, do I miss the good old days when people in the White house were smart.

  • debbiedoodiedandi 2 years ago

    Did he just say oraculate?!? Damn his vocabulary!

  • Echo8081 2 years ago

    lovett’s shoes make me want to revive the what are those meme

  • Fen Rir 2 years ago

    Stuff like this Never End Well. and Alabama should be used to loosing at this point. If The Civil war and the Civil Rights Movement were not proof enough that they are a State Ran By Professional LOSERS!!! This law by any means is a violation of our human rights. But we all know Alabama is all too conferrable with those kinds of action already. I wouldnt be surprised if there isnt a violent uprising after this law is put in effect. and like the Losers that is the Government of Alabama would know is they are gonna loose that fight as well just like all the rest.

  • Michael Richard 2 years ago

    The boiz

  • The Rune 2 years ago

    Just another illustration of why christian fundamentalists are just as dangerous as fundamentalist muslims…

  • K-Run Paige 2 years ago

    Ahhh semantics… the correct labels are actually: ‘Anti-choice’, and ‘Pro-choice’. Sooo is contraception going to be next? And what about sex education, and vasectomies? Maybe men with a high sperm count who masturbate will get a ‘slap’?

  • Annie Morris 2 years ago

    Incredibly weird to see them as I am used to listening to their Podcat. Love these guys.

  • tazmon122 2 years ago

    i didn’t know the dude from A League Of Their Own and the dude from Chef have a podcast……oh.

  • Jesse Beauchamp 2 years ago

    Another round of a gulf of Tonkin prelude. Well you guys should surely know about Fiduciary legal. Try compounding Complexing Fiduciary conflict of interest syntax on for size. A legal fiduciary template or plug and play legal example architecture.
    The dig for Haliburton and Carlile group funds grab.
    The 10 trillion dollar admiral law screw.

  • Peege Clarke 2 years ago

    Give Sam B. a personal retroactive abortion please?

  • Jesse Beauchamp 2 years ago

    Like any poorly prepared legal or technical deficit, a term from software programming, bad legal that is poorly written using subjective methodologies, subjective documentation, subjective application of legal, is subjective going against the primary situation with Fiduciary legal. The difference between subjective and objective. If objective data is provided and subjective refuses to acknowledge objective, or rereview the legal appraoch by the system of fiduciary that is subjective leaves and pays every one back. So CEO only goes so far since it also is a variant of admiral maritime law like post 911 legal. Note the pattern. Corprate or non profit American government. If it’s not Corprate be or non profit you wouldn’t have a county court using the term due diligence would you.

  • Jumpin Geezus 2 years ago

    Senate and the House! Come on, gotta be both!

  • Jesse Beauchamp 2 years ago

    Why is the admiral maritime legal vs. common law we the people legal such a personal issue you didn’t ask. My anscestor Jeraboam Beauchamp had his wife Annie raped by the Colonel of a fort in the Midwest and Jeraboam killed him(so the story goes). Jeraboam Beauchamp was the first United States civilian tried and terminated by a maritime court. Annie refused to leave his side, smuggled a knife in, and they agreed to kill themselves to be together forever.
    She died in his arms and he was put to death in the morning.
    No data available on crime.
    So it’s almost 300 years later and we have Native Americans held in prison camps using the same admiral maritime legal on a civilian populous using the Buerough of Indian Affairs as the cattle prod. You do the math kids.

  • Jesse Beauchamp 2 years ago

    And part of my lineage came over and landed at Plymouth Rock making my family founding fathers on not any of our lands. All Native American lands taken by white and admiral law Christian rhetoric. Man over nature and the saveges proxy still in use today in the form of every racist white person in America that uses the Christian man over nature argument. Be it wrapped in the guise of DNA control, slave control, fiscal control, land control, legal control of people that don’t give a rats ass about anything that isn’t white Christian Borg.
    The borderline personality dissorder spiritual cheese faux freedom milk shake.


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