The Funniest Donald Trump Stories | The Graham Norton Show

Published on November 14, 2020

We’ve had some hilarious stories about President Donald Trump, what better time to go through some of them. Did we miss any?

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  • Maria B5 2 months ago

    Goodbye Graham 👋🏻

  • Syafeeq Said 2 months ago

    Are the comments backing Trump are actual supporters pr just being sarcastic because this is a brit tc show discussing about a “barely” person from across the pond?

  • Jay 2 months ago

    Oh Graham’s Team… y’all have a sense of humor huh

  • Lily Rider 2 months ago

    Daniel: And there’s Donald Trump, for those of you who have blissfully forgotten what he looks like

  • Eliazer Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Graham really gave the Trump Presidency a lovely swan song! Welcome Joe Biden!

  • Paul Wagner 2 months ago

    Can we pause for a moment to appreciate the agelessness of Salma Hayek?

  • Dave Montes 2 months ago

    Hilliary is the devil.

  • Alexander Borsi 2 months ago

    For anyone outside of America, I would just like to say: I’m sorry, I’m trying to make it better.

  • fernandezreii 2 months ago

    First time i see sandler in a suit

  • Nathan Pitek 2 months ago

    Take California out of the equation and Trump won the popular vote. Gained ground with every single racial and gender group besides white men, which he lost 5%. Does kinda show why all the rich Californian celebrities hate him as their state falls into chaos

  • Mikeztarp 2 months ago

    Why was there no episode this week?

  • Alan Kwok 2 months ago

    I wonder who on the couch are actually closeted Trump supporters?

  • 5 44 2 months ago

    Donald is a spoiled brat, big baby throwing a temper tantrum putting our nation in potential danger.

  • Lennie Davis 2 months ago

    Lol too funny!

  • A Girl and Her Chihuahua 2 months ago

    Ok, that was totally worth watching to the end! Hearing Daniel Radcliffe’s story was even more hilarious because of Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick’s reactions!! 🤣 Also, JT’s fan-Moment over the previous president – too adorable 😂😍😂😍

  • P H 2 months ago

    I am sorry but I cannot continue to watch this channel… Disrespecting President Trump is beyond me for you people… You have lost over 3/4 of the American public. It’s disrespectful of you to treat him this way

  • Eddy 2 months ago

    My gaydar and Justin Timberlake in this vid explode 🤯 I stan his aura 😍

  • naisha khan 2 months ago

    well the show never misses a good opportunity, does it?

  • MrRosiesfavorites 2 months ago

    boy did Charlie get that wrong. apparently there are not that many good and decent people in this country. trump’s win was a total shock. how does anyone vote for a guy like that? he is a malignant narcissist. look that up. it is not good for anyone but him. how can anyone with even miniscule intelligence could vote for him. I HATE Braggarts!! i can’t even listen to him. his starry eyed supporters will need to be deprogrammed


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