The Five Phases of Donald Trump’s Annual Physical

Published on November 19, 2019

Seth Meyers breaks down the five phases of President Trump’s annual physical.

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  • Akhilesh 3 years ago

    He stuffed himself with so much chicken that it got sentient and crossed the road to visit the hospital to get out of Trump’s body

  • Samus Knight 3 years ago

    I was sure one of those “phases” would have been surgically removing the lips of Republicans from his ass. An ongoing phase too.

  • Cypresssina 3 years ago

    He reminds me of the end of Death Becomes Her. Only he fast tracked to a bloated with gas look.

  • directfunebru 3 years ago

    There’s no cure for what he’s got. Nor for his knuckle-dragging voters.

  • Jeuro38 3 years ago

    For anyone still wondering, this is the textbook way to have NOT a heart attack

  • dafttool 3 years ago

    Faux News hate spewer Judge Foghorn says Trump is, and I quote, “Superhuman.”

  • S L 3 years ago

    _”Every year I take at least 300 steps. They say the most of any president in history. I’m also very strong, the strongest even, the Doctor told me my heart was bigger than any man’s he’d ever seen.”_

    – Trump probably.

  • Ant B 3 years ago

    Trump is about as smart as a Zombie and, maybe, they are keeping him alive by the same means… That would explain both his demeanor and his utterances…

  • Alex Cerda 3 years ago

    his still lies even about a yearly physical, or he had somthing concerning him

  • zizinnnn 3 years ago

    well then get him distracted with some fake boobs and gently lure him out of the WH

  • Michael Brooks 3 years ago

    Hope it’s nothing trivial…

  • Vivian Stimpson 3 years ago

    Replace the sawdust in his cage and oil the treadmill bearings.

  • KMM 3 years ago

    His bone spurs were acting up.

  • Chris Howard 3 years ago

    That hamburger helper heart of his is finally raising the white flag.

  • Glenn Welsh 3 years ago

    That’s why Americans want affordable universal healthcare – so we can add those stages to our annual physicals too.

  • Thomas Panto 3 years ago

    Trump’s probem is MENTAL , not Physical.

  • 777 burro 3 years ago

    Trumpy Dumpy Dingo Dummy ran out of Adderall

  • Beck V 3 years ago

    You missed the phase where they performed the lobotomy.

  • Josie Marrero 3 years ago

    If we’re lucky he’ll be in hell by phase 2 – very soon please?

  • dom crocitto 3 years ago

    Mr.Foxnews sir. I am a super doc of psychology and have a sdp in psychology. Sir we have a list of how crazy a person is.
    Number one: I met God
    Number two: it’s everyone else,not me
    Sir, you suffer badly from number two. It’s not all the many other news channels, it’s you


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