The Fight to Turn Lake Erie Into a Person | The Daily Show



  • justsaying 1 year ago

    How stupid. Just laws to protect nature. Encourage people to stop littering, etc.

  • Deirdre TeW 1 year ago

    They did it for a river & a national park forest in New Zealand, and even trying for a mountain. So good luck Lake Erie!

  • Abc Def 1 year ago

    Donald “The Dumpster” Trump is certainly not a person ???

  • Andrii Shumskyi 1 year ago


  • Guido Habets 1 year ago

    ever heard of Gaia?

  • SheAnatural B. 1 year ago

    Love this…but…making nature a person technically lessons it’s “natural” value. Not the purpose of the video….I know.

  • Dizzi 1 year ago

    I don’t know the kind of drugs are people on nowadays?

  • Joseph Carter 1 year ago

    Daily Show has been straight murdering me with comedy for over 15 years

  • pokeXXXfan 1 year ago

    congrats to the happy couple!!

  • Nios 1 year ago

    American news is like my favorite comedy show. Your country is so batshit crazy, it’s hilarious.

  • Julie Harden 1 year ago

    I live on Lake Erie (20 mins east of Cleveland), and when I saw this title, I thought “omg, what nonsense is this”. But after watching – this is an excellent idea. The Lake dominates our weather, our drinking water, our way of life. We should be treating it like the precious resource it is.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 1 year ago

    They tried this bullshit here in New Zealand. The twist here was that they strenuously pretended the body of water they wanted to “protect” had a taniwha aka a Lovecraftian god-monster living in it. All this to prevent a road bridge being built over one small section. Even the people claiming the taniwha was there acknowledged the taniwha was not real. It got super confusing. Eventually the appropriate colonial guilt payment was made to the relevant shitbags, who did not share one penny with the tribe members they claimed to represent.

  • ZeeZee OnTop 1 year ago

    How is this even a concern America? ?

  • Phoenix Knight 1 year ago

    I hear voices coming out of Osgood Pond where I live, so it must be a person.

  • (GL) Great Life 1 year ago

    You have gotten to be kidding me-
    You all have to stop entertaining non sense, people are law- ing us silly (is that a word? Is today)
    There are more laws between the US and Canada to keep those lakes clean, millions of dollars pump toward them, Yet we are still having this conversation, sort of like the conversation on how to treat black folks- (just still yaking) shizzz
    Shouldn’t even be a debate!

  • Ms. B 1 year ago

    I love it!!!! But wait a child… Is he high or just stupid… ??????❣. ******

  • daniel bolanos 1 year ago

    So if it floods and kills anyone then who arrests it for homocide?

  • True Black Knight 1 year ago

    All jokes aside I think that’s a pretty smart move if you give a lake or river or even an ocean human rights or person rights you can’t pollute into it no more because you can look at that ass rape or unwanted touchingbut at the same time you still presuming that the water didn’t want to be polluted into parents who talked for their children sometimes often make mistakes for their children as well who’s to say that they’re not going to make any mistakes in the future but I do agree with them if that lake is that important to the livelihood and they really can’t let people pollute into it ?????????

  • Ayo Pacheco 1 year ago

    When you compare it to corporations, it kind of makes sense…only it has to be owned or represented by someone or some people.

  • KING MB 1 year ago

    its sad that they have to do that to protect nature


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