The Even More Disgraceful Trump Balloon

Published on July 11, 2018

If you thought the UK’s balloon depicting Trump as a giant orange baby was offensive, wait until you see Belgium’s.


  • jenpenn22 8 months ago

    If people don’t start referring to it as a blump I’m going to lose faith in humanity

  • His Popeyness 8 months ago

    “The Trump balloon is the biggest insult to a sitting US president in history”.
    Ooh, ooh, like that time we came over to Washington D.C. and set the White House on fire? Worse than that?

  • A Wee Scots Dog 8 months ago

    Air Force Pun (aka This is your Crap Stain Baby Trump Tweeting)

    Trump, usually travels first class
    But this flight he’s going by gas
    He could fly down to France
    By the seat of his pants
    Propelled by the wind from his ass

  • A Wee Scots Dog 8 months ago

    Donald Whaur’s Yer Troosers? (Aka Baby Trump – Fool of Gas)

    Baby blimp blows high
    Baby blimp blows low
    Trump blimp goes where the wind does blow
    All the lassies say “That’s gross!
    Donal’ whaur’s yer Troosers?”

    As he spins a lie
    And he grins for show
    His tiny hands wander to and fro
    All the lassies say ‘Oh no,
    Donal’ yer a loser!”

  • Radagast Brown 8 months ago

    Donald Trump is actually a screaming man-baby full of hot air.

  • Proud Californian 8 months ago

    Nigel Farage is still relevant?

  • Douglas Kalberg 8 months ago


  • CrenJay 8 months ago

    Just like to point out that this is another lie from the mass of beery xenophobic flatulence known as Nigel Farage… The balloon was bought and paid for by a group of private citizens, not the mayor. In fact, he probably didn’t even approve it personally, just his department. These are the same people who claim freedom of expression when they go on racist far right marches telling immigrants to go home remember, and they’re properly outraged by a balloon…

  • Baerbel Born 8 months ago

    best breakfast fun ever, made my day in advance

  • Simon Cow 8 months ago

    They should place these balloons all over the U. S and some by the Trump towers so Trumps head can explode.

  • Gremblo 8 months ago

    Trump the Orange Sphincter is now the Blump

  • camelshit 8 months ago

    Belgium’s balloon is a little bit more lifelike and that is of course precisely what makes it the most obscene of the two.

  • ROGUEGUNNER69 8 months ago

    If Trump didn’t disrespect everyone then maybe everyone wouldn’t disrespect him, just a thought.

  • Kevin Smith 8 months ago

    I doubt the Blump will have as much hot air as the real thing.

  • camelshit 8 months ago

    So true Nigel, I can’t imagine any other American president treating the world with such disrespect either. He IS a disgrace.

  • demigodstatus 8 months ago

    “That’s human??”

    My sides are in orbit.

  • ElmerFuddGun 8 months ago

    I’d pay good money for a smaller version of that balloon! Someone must be selling them by now?!?!?!

  • jaime delgado 8 months ago

    start selling smaller versions of these in USA and make mad profit.
    half the country would fly one over the American flag they keep flying on the porch

  • Brian Garrow 8 months ago

    Well done London,
    Well done.
    If the planet gets lucky maybe he will explode and fly away.
    Of course I am referring to the old bag of wind…

  • No need to worry about my username 8 months ago

    In many ways the balloon is quite like the president. Thin skinned, Hollow inside and full of hot air


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