The Episode of ER No One Asked To Be A Part Of | Full Frontal on TBS

Published on March 26, 2020

Sam Interviews an ER surgeon on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic to find out if there is even one kernel of hope to be found in this huge shit haystack we’ve found ourselves in.



  • Drew Ciccotelli 2 weeks ago

    You got it, Sam. My mother and father are at risk. Why would I want to put them in any more danger?

  • The Boom 2 weeks ago

    Rand didn’t even show symptoms. POS name one libertarian that wouldn’t call the fire department when their house is on fire. Didn’t Rand call the cops on his neighbor for bytch slapping him. BETA

  • B C 2 weeks ago

    Samantha Bee to ER doctor: “Yes, you do need to survive. You all need to survive. Please survive.” The doctors and nurses on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic are risking their health and lives to help others. They are truly doing heroic work in such a difficult situation.

  • Matthew 2 weeks ago

    Long have I waited the day we can all interact together without pants over the internet.. It was always such a lonely journey.

  • goldgecko4 2 weeks ago

    Doctor Hee is a cutie. And a hero.

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer 2 weeks ago

    There’s also a git repo where devs are working on a ventilator registry, however agreement on a plan has been slow so far.

  • kerryn67 2 weeks ago

    Let’s see trump set a good example & hand over a few hotels to be used as hospitals like CEO’s did during WW2 🤣😂😂 sorry only kidding! As if trump would do anything for the good of others!

  • RachelBee 2 weeks ago

    we all know who the 1 dislike is from

  • neolithic3 2 weeks ago

    Maybe you should raise some money for Canada too Sam. Did you forget where you came from? I guess so.

  • Tracey Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Come home Samantha! Your in grave danger!

  • Bess Smith 2 weeks ago

    I can’t sew & I’m on a fixed income so their’s not much I can do for others. I will need to help my sister & other family members. I HATE THAT I’M UNABLE TO HELP MY COMMUNITY! But what little money I get can only be stretched so far.

  • Jill Springer Forrest 2 weeks ago

    That’s our Sam, looking out for the little guy.


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