The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look

Published on January 19, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump spending his last full day as president of the United States stewing in private, mulling pardons for well-connected allies and releasing a meaningless, lie-filled farewell message.

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  • 37Dionysos 1 month ago

    While we go on helping each other to make everybody’s life better, FELONY MURDER charges would be lovely for every Magat involved with the Capitol attack from top to bottom. You share any part in a crime that kills people, you’re up for murder too. Any ordinary citizen would already be in shackles.

  • MGunnz Highway 1 month ago

    Thanks for HAMMERING on this piece of garbage Seth….AND for making me laugh as you did!

  • KC Michelson 1 month ago

    I miss Trump

    Being a citizen. Not president. I miss Trump not being president is what I meant.

  • lulu in hollywood 1 month ago

    This is sanctioned bribery wtf

  • Auntie Social 1 month ago

    Veni, vidi, vici

  • Martin Nolan 1 month ago

    You’ve played a great part in getting us through this crazy time Seth. Thank you! (and your team, also the Sea Captain and friends.)

  • GalacticThreat21 1 month ago

    I believe calling him a con artist is giving him too much credit. That’s like calling Hitler a military strategist, he was erratic and had military background but he is not good at it. Same goes for trump

  • Paul Ed 1 month ago

    1/20/21 12:01🥂

  • Deanna 1 month ago

    Bye bye don’t let the White House door hit you on the way out!

  • Ethan's Tech World 1 month ago

    Tomorrow: 🎵🎵Na Na Na Na Hey, Hey Hey GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD BYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!🎵🎵

  • William Sutherland 1 month ago

    And the beginning of an elitist dictator!! Congratulations

  • Mr. ForWard 1 month ago

    Another 10 minz in India, and I will be jumping up and down. Finally a life where being competent matters.

  • c4bb4g3 1 month ago

    As bad as Trump was, he was only a symptom of the problem. The system is designed to support oligarchs and limit any real change for working people. Democrats throw blue collar workers a bone once in a while to pacify them, but real structural overhaul is not their goal. It’s important that the American people become more class-conscious and examine the propaganda we’re fed almost from birth about how great capitalism is. We’ve had people crying the hardest about how Biden is going to turn America into a communist/socialist state and it shows they don’t have a clue what either of those words mean. It’s important that people learn how they’re being taken advantage of.

  • Eleanor McCarthy 1 month ago

    Good riddance to a vile president

  • robert king 1 month ago

    It was a shame he even got elected. Glad he is gone.

  • Matthew Schreck 1 month ago

    Thank God it is almost over. It has been over 5 years of torture. Ever since he came down that damn escelator he has been one gigantic hemorrhoid for this nation.

  • newf newf 1 month ago

    only a few more hrs… YAAAAAY!!!

  • Travis Montgomery 1 month ago

    God, I want Rudy in jail. I imagine his hair dye running in the shower.

  • Trevor St. McGoodbody 1 month ago


  • Gary Cooper 1 month ago

    During that Trump speech, I could see Stephen Miller’s lips moving.


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