The Embarrassing President Feels Embarrassed

Published on December 13, 2018

Donald Trump claims he didn’t know that Michael Cohen, the fixer who got helped him get away with illegal activities, was committing illegal activities.

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  • unknown President 2 years ago

    “I dont think we made a Payment” – trump , WE ? who else was involved with this CRIME ?

  • Ts Elliot 2 years ago

    Mexican here, is very clear Trump is lying to the American people, I can assure you we’re not paying for that wall, trust me lol Nafta didn’t change except for the name but go off I guess

  • Bigshotz 12 2 years ago

    Wow that was cringe

  • tiramisu 2 years ago

    diet coke conspirator?

  • projeckt2501 2 years ago

    “I don’t think.” — Donald J. Trump.

  • Direnova 2 years ago

    For all those people who hate Trump, think on this, at the moment Trump is wetting his pants in fear. His supporters feel the change in the wind, they know that they are no longer in the ascendancy and the reaper approaches their dreams. Look at the lightening of the mood of “libtards” and how happy they seem at the moment, because, they know it’s all just a matter of time now. So take heart at Trumps misery, it’s payback time.

  • Brandon 2 years ago

    USMCA is essentially the same NAFTA

  • Sandra Buckett 2 years ago

    AND I read that the wall will run through a Butterfly sanctuary along the Rio Grande. We need butterflies.

  • Gustavo Alfonso Jiménez Pensado 2 years ago

    We’re not paying for Trump’s Wall!

  • John Fisher 2 years ago

    Ann Coulter loves Trump!

  • Changing of the Gaurd 2 years ago

    how do you nazi left nut sacks like Trumps latest executive order. LOL. how about not inviting the fake news media to the white house Christmas party dinner. weep you suckas. brrrat. brrrrrrat! blows gun smoke from barrel. enjoy

  • AmirGTR 2 years ago

    Even as a liberal I find this hard to watch. The arguments he makes are amusing but so clearly irrational.

  • Brandon Best 2 years ago

    Trump should retract what he said about Mexicans and hire one to be his chief of staff. They’ll take jobs nobody wants.

  • KLM Hooked Moore 2 years ago

    And we should feel sorry for Melania because….? How repulsive to sell your behind to creepy, crawly Dirty Donald. Eww?

  • lulu inza 2 years ago

    Where did Van Gogh?
    Jail apparently

  • absolutless 2 years ago

    He’s not saying he doesn’t like Shonda or Viola, or that the show isn’t entertaining …. he’s saying the reality of the show is crazy.

  • Alpha Bravo 2 years ago

    Hopefully Trump wins a second term, takes the gloves off, and deals with the globalists with a little more intent

  • reason43 2 years ago

    How long can this go on? If this had been Obama he would have been hung drawn and quartered.

  • geoff dearth 2 years ago

    A lot of people love me and that includes a lot of women. He just has no idea of where not to go.

  • Croatian Sensation 2 years ago

    Trump will win in again in 2020, no legitimate democrat will run against him. It’s almost 2019 no news of politicians running against him. Keep crying you cuck colbert lovers. Nothing will change in the 2020. It will stay Republican just like what happened in 2016.


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