“The Drunk 1950s Version Of Me” – Olivia Wilde On Her Character In “Don’t Worry Darling”

Published on September 22, 2022

Olivia Wilde describes the “insane” amount of work she did on her new film, which she produced, directed and stars in. “Don’t Worry Darling” opens in theaters this Friday! #Colbert #DontWorryDarling #OliviaWilde

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  • Brittany 5 months ago

    I think from a legal standpoint Olivia has to be careful how to answer questions to avoid law suits. Shia seems nuts enough to sue her if she talks too much.

  • boysdon’tcry 5 months ago

    She’s a great looking woman – doesn’t need a fancy, distracting outfit to command the room. And bright too

  • LeezPgh 5 months ago

    What a smart pleasant lovely woman

  • shalomkitty 5 months ago

    This was a really respectful interview. Stephen did a great job making Olivia feel comfortable. And Olivia is super brave doing this interview amidst all the drama swirling around. She held her own so well, taking on the questions about the various rumours head-on but also pulling the focus back to what she’s there for: to talk about her film.

  • jmisc 5 months ago

    Stephen saved this movie. Olivia owed him a big one.

  • Alex Faye 5 months ago

    She is desperate to save this film. She thinks it’s going to sink because of all the bad press about her and Harry, the lies she told about firing Shia and the fact Florence hates her so much she wont even do any press for the film. What she can’t accept is the film is going to flop for the very simple reason the script is rubbish and her lead actor Harry Styles is not really a good actor.
    But when this film flops, and it will, Wilde will blame it all on toxic fandom. Ignoring the fact that all the critics have said the same thing, the movie is terrible.

  • Garry Ferrington 5 months ago

    Who’s Olive Wild?

  • Vanghost~Art 5 months ago

    Ffs put it all in 1 video

  • Randomly Rebecca 5 months ago

    I am aware of the craziness surrounding this movie, but I’ll watch it since I loved Booksmart.

  • James Brophy 5 months ago

    The noise around this film has been so obnoxious, gotta love Stephen for cutting through the nonsense and calling out the press insanity for what it is.

  • Patrick Flautt 5 months ago

    How many times did they rehearse this interview?…

  • Seanicus 5 months ago

    1,000 months is 83 YEARS! 😂

  • msz 5 months ago

    The movie was fantastic <3

  • Jartran72 5 months ago

    Omg its 13!

  • Steve Smart 5 months ago

    ‘It was wild’ and it was Wilde 💖


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