The Donald Trump Summit Spectacular

Published on June 9, 2018

Grab ’em by the posse.


  • Dr Bharath Kumar 9 months ago


  • New Message 9 months ago

    Oh, just give him an official ambassadorship already.. we all know it’s coming.

  • ragganyc 9 months ago

    Trump the ConMan said he’s been preparing all his life for this…. what a joke😹😹🙀😿😿

  • Alan Maldonado 9 months ago


  • LEMMY K. IS GOD 9 months ago

    And he didn’t invite HilLiary or Obumma ?!? That evil SOB !! 😱

  • Johnny Depp 9 months ago

    Trump’s daughter texted me earlier today 😀 but I didn’t respond , I’m too busy

  • PsychoticCuber 9 months ago

    Am Singaporean, not sure whta I feel about these 2 coming

  • Max Min 9 months ago

    Trump will not attend. Kim will be put under arrest. Meanwhile, the US will invade NK. 50-50. That’s how reliable I think Trump is, and the US foreign policy for that matter.

  • Videoscord 9 months ago

    Every tweet you make every law you break every tan you fake every golf trip you take we’ll be watching you.

  • Kanwe Yest 9 months ago

    Trump is the greatest President of our lifetime..

  • A Wee Scots Dog 9 months ago

    Singapore The Celebrity Reboot (aka the Diplomatic Rap)

    He is planning to go to Singapore
    With a few of his chums for fun galore
    There’s Jong Un in the sun
    And Kanye West having fun
    And Kim Kardashian with Trump makes four

    And while they are there they’ll eat some noodle
    If one thing goes down we know that the food’ll
    They will sing and they’ll rap
    And then look at a map
    Then joke with Un – did we just eat your poodle?

    Then, at the insult, Jong Un fills with rage
    Turns over the table and exits the stage
    Celeb. diplomacy done
    Trump says to Kim “that was fun”
    As Jong Un calls home and shouts “weapons engage”


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