The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

Published on December 16, 2018

French president Emmanuel Macron thinks Europe should give African nations their art back, but other Europeans are less than enthused.



  • Animus Nocturnus 11 months ago

    Well, I’d suggest one tiny modification to the belgian museums plan: keep your installation open, but use the money you make from it to built a state of the art museum in africa where the installation is moving to after it’s finished. This way the art will keep being protected and it is used to help the economy of the country it belongs to.

  • Blessyn Nneka 11 months ago

    Pig skin everywhere!

  • Murkery Salmonza 11 months ago

    Putin:Africa is graveyard for Africans why?did we raid Russia?Usa?China?Yall stole our everything lol

  • Armed Wombat 11 months ago

    If you think the belgian attitude towards art acquired during colonialism is shitty, you haven’t met the British.

  • Firebender 117 11 months ago

    And Native Americans art

  • Tony Jackson 11 months ago

    European need to be blown off face of the earth

  • Deklan Kilgoran 11 months ago

    Just another example of European colonialism looting the art and natural resources of every culture they came in contact with while wiping out that culture.

    All of this stuff should be returned. By far the most egregious example is Egypt which was looted on an industrial scale for hundreds of years.

    Unfortunately, much of the art from new world Central American cultures was based in precious metals which were simply melted down by European conquerors for the base metals. Those are lost forever.

    I applaud what Macron is trying to do.

  • Gracie C. 11 months ago

    Wasn’t a White Rhino was killed in a French zoo for it’s horn? That’s not exactly encouraging on the protection standpoint.

  • Bar San 11 months ago

    Can we plz talk about the Araboc countries selling African men for 400$.

  • Just Saying 11 months ago

    That’s Nothing Compared to The Africa Art at The Vatican that The Pope is Holding Behind Armed Guards!!!!! That We’ll never get to See !!

  • Renovator 11 months ago

    As much as I want to side with Trevor here, I can’t. In Africa, regardless of the country, the art will likely get stolen within months or years, it will be horrible maintained, sold for profit etc. Before I get labeled a racist, I’ve lived in Nigeria for 4 years of my life, which is sadly one of the better African countries, and I know how poorly things are ran and maintained over there.

    When Africa gets its shit together then I’ll want europeans to give it back, but they can barely feed their own people. They have more important things to worry about than some art.

  • Suzanne Berry 11 months ago

    If Africa gets their art back, the next step might be giving back Greek art.

  • Edgardo Aguilar 11 months ago

    I used to wonder why the general admission to the British Musem is free all the time, except in the cases of occasional traveling art exhibits, and retrospectives.

  • Murkery Salmonza 11 months ago

    Trevor is fivking genius lol

  • monk0065 11 months ago

    Guys… This is African Art that has been stolen after much colonization. A lot of these artifacts aren’t considered art, but more use ceremonially and practically. Its not meant to used to entice the artists and art critics eyes. And westerners are now telling Africans to take better care of it? Africans should put them back in its rightful place for their own usage or display should they choose.

  • _Paws_ 11 months ago

    Is this related to Egyptian archaeologists wanting their artifacts back and returned?

  • Indian 11 months ago

    Time to UK to return the things stolen from India

  • Peter Slegers 11 months ago

    Give the stolen art back and build state of the art museums in Africa to display it.
    France has a long history of stealing art & historical artifacts.
    When will they return the Mosasaurus, found around 1770 in Maastricht, the Netherlands, robbed in 1794?

  • Brian the Trainer 11 months ago

    This is why Wakanda is hidden so people don’t steal their shit or else they’ll be panther food 😂😂😂😂

  • AKST 11 months ago

    “Kudos to Macron” ? Time to do journalism, Daily Show…


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