The Daily Show – The Trans Panic Epidemic

Published on April 7, 2016

Jessica Williams speaks with members of the trans community to find out how transphobia affects their everyday lives.

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  • What can a airsoft Go through 4 years ago

    Love you videos keep it up!!!!!!

  • Persis Johnson 4 years ago

    Gordon and other conservatives seems to assume religious freedom includes
    bullying/discriminating against anyone not like him.

  • Red Mo 4 years ago

    I thought this was about the Trans-Pacific Partnership…

  • PIZZA 4 years ago

    Keep preaching delusional thought until the world ends up like Idiocracy.
    I shouldnt be forced to deal with other peoples mental illnesses, I wont
    cater to others delusions and neither should you.

  • Peter Smythe 4 years ago

    Apples and apples LOL

  • chava102 4 years ago

    I feel like the senators were like “we need to tone down out hate for
    homosexuals its getting old….what can we hate next?……trans! yes OMG
    YES!!! They’re do confusing those wanna be’s” and everyone remember next
    time your 4 year old boy needs the restroom make sure his dad takes him you
    don’t want to raise a criminal

  • Ash TheoneFromPokemon 4 years ago

    It is fucking 2016… is wrong with that person

  • Rach 4 years ago

    Wait,did the first woman just not have her note of prescription on her(or
    the pharmacy bag) or was she not prescribed it?

  • Barry Nichols 4 years ago

    Some of those questions I would like to ask. Now this is not to hassle
    them, I’m just curious. I want to learn, not to hassle or abuse them. I
    wouldn’t yell the questions out in the street….

  • Fantom M O Fantane 4 years ago

    quick question: if you go wee wee standing what the hell do want in a
    lady`s bathroom…

  • steven schwartzhoff 4 years ago

    WHy don´t we just make all restrooms unisex and také steps to make sure
    they are safe for everyone? It´s not like you really do anything personal
    outside the stalls anyway. the part about women not wearing men´s clothes
    etc. is in the Bible, but you could just as well say that it would prevent
    a transgender person from dressing as the sex they were born into since
    that is not who they are.

  • Melanie Tran 4 years ago

    The purpose of a bathroom is to pee and poop (sometimes read the news or
    scroll through Instagram). If you are thinking about raping or assaulting
    anyone while they are doing their private business, you are the one that
    needs help. And the thing about the fear of your child is a reflection of
    your bad parenting. How would your child know what someone’s privates look
    like unless you are encouraging your child to peep under stalls? I
    personally have never peed with the doors open or in the sink for the
    general bathroom to see. Nor have I seen a stall with glass doors. If your
    concerns about the bathroom go beyond peeing and pooping, you are using the
    bathroom wrong.

  • n3rdbear 4 years ago

    First it was racism then homosexuality then transgender……. WHAT’S NEXT?

  • savage1493 4 years ago

    its [current year] if i cant whip my cock out in a ladies restroom because
    I say im a woman; i dont even want to live in this country anymore.

  • Remco Van Ek 4 years ago

    Really funny … and sad.

  • Unemployed Privilege 4 years ago

    trevor checked his unemployed privilege all the way into this new gig. nice
    work trev.

  • Pretz ッ 4 years ago

    it is current year; therefore my argument is more intelligent than your
    primitive opinion. maybe if i keep reminding you that it is current year
    you will do what i want.

  • Percyous12 4 years ago

    Personally, I don’t have. Problem with any orientations, gay straight bi
    trans, but I used to not support trans people being allowed into a bathroom
    not fitting their current gender. HOWEVER, realizing there have been no
    reported incidents of sexual assaults due to this I am far more open to the
    notion though. Personally I believe that you should use the bathroom
    appropriate for the gender you HAVE. Not identify as nor the one on your
    birth certificate. This is just my opinion though. Please understand that
    not all of those who feel this way are bible thumping bigots with a hatred
    for people different than us, but rather people with opinions which hold
    equal value. Just because I hold this belief does not mean I am open to
    discrimination against any people for religion reasons and I am disgusted
    with the recent “Anti-Religious discrimination” laws

  • freakychee 4 years ago

    You need a prescription to take hormone pills?

  • Lavrentivs 4 years ago

    I am a bit curious why some people are afraid that trans women would wave
    their cocks around in women’s bathrooms. Do they base this on how they
    themselves behave in the men’s room?


    shes being disrespectful

  • A. Smith 4 years ago

    I personally dont think that a transgenered person is a pervert at all and
    doubt they would assualt me. That being said, if you open up to this idea
    that a male who is dressed as or says he identifies as a woman can enter
    freely into a female locker room or bathroom, you are opening the door to
    men who are not transgendered but perverts doing it as well (who would /
    how can you tell the difference at all) which, in my opinion would
    certainly make crime in bathrooms and locker rooms a much more real thing.
    I also think some women/men dont want to have to have their children
    exposed to a naked transgendered person (in a locker room situation)
    without choice because this is not even something small children can
    understand fully. I get the humor in this clip but I also dont think this
    ban with the toilets and locker rooms is simply about the bleief that all
    trans people are pervs.

  • Nobody From Nowhere 4 years ago

    South Park put the whole transgender issue, transgender are not evil or a
    threat to society but in the end it does not change the fact that they’re
    just guy with his junk being cut off, sorry but until your genetics say XY
    and you have a male body that’s not going to change but that’s your body do
    what you like.

  • willy lynch 4 years ago

    these sjw and so called liberals are more aggressive and controlling than
    the right wing religious bigots. this shit is getting ridiculous in the
    comments. if you say someone they don’t like or deem offensive, they will
    attack you and offend you but feel it’s ok cause their fight is good lol
    fucking just as bad as the people the don’t like.

  • Kerri Angel 4 years ago

    I don’t know about anyone else, but when I use a public bathroom, there’s
    usually only one thing I need to think about and it’s not who else is in
    that bathroom

  • Yesmel Pena 4 years ago

    i love the end it’s like a sarcastic way to tell transphobic people shut
    the fuck up

  • Adam Geiser 4 years ago

    I don’t think that the argument is that a trans-gender person is going to
    attack someone in the bathroom. I think the problem is that someone who is
    can claim to be trans-gender simply to walk into a woman’s bathroom

  • hoah 4 years ago

    The crux of the argument is that moronic people fear transgender people
    being in the bathroom.
    The easiest way to discount that fear is to point out that transgender
    people have *already* been using bathrooms for many many years, and nothing
    bad has happened. Making it ‘legit’ won’t suddenly enable perverts to take
    advantage of the law.. They could have done that anyway, and they didn’t.

  • Brandon Robinson 4 years ago

    To be fair, go on any dating site. Lots of trannys list their sex as
    female, but flat-out they were born male. They’re a man who’s had surgery
    and hormones.

  • Matthew Grey 4 years ago

    Transgender is a mental illness, stop encouraging it.

  • kap1618 4 years ago

    why is the white bald guy telling people to watch others in the bathroom.

  • segil123 4 years ago

    The priest pedophile comeback gave me chills and made him stutter. Bigotry
    for no reason

  • Senpai Spook 4 years ago

    (feel free to debate me on this, maybe ill see it from a different
    I really don’t know how to feel about trans people. I feel like you should
    be able to do whatever you want with your life without being persecuted as
    long as it’s not hurting anyone, and i wouldn’t support anything that tries
    to take that freedom away from anyone.

    but, at the same time, the whole idea of a man being a woman/vice versa
    just creeps me out. I wouldn’t say that to a trans person’s face, but it’s
    just really weird to me.

    I doubt anyone cares about some insignificant 17 year old’s opinion, i just
    felt like speaking my mind

  • TSc Scott 4 years ago

    I support all real transgender people. The only Transgenders I DO NOT
    support are those who become one by the ‘Being John Malkovich’ method.

  • twelge15 4 years ago

    I love, love, love how she asked if he was a pedophile priest closet case!!

  • Tristan Hopkins 4 years ago

    I always wondered why the people getting interviewed agree to get
    interviewed when they’re getting mocked.

  • Daniel Elijah 4 years ago

    Americans no longer know wht being decent is…hello sodom and gomora, not
    being decent doesnt mean freedom, it doesnt mean it

  • Govanmauler 4 years ago

    ahh the drivers licence. I was wondering who the hell was confident Meagan
    wasn’t born a woman , she pretty !

    Honestly who gives half a shit what gender(s) or orientation(s) you want to

  • Rienk Kroese 4 years ago

    Look here. She thought is was a fake ID.

  • TVBalkan 4 years ago

    “Land of the free”

  • Øystein A. 4 years ago

    Public restrooms… Never use them. Arent they produced to sell drugs or
    for gay politicians to have sex in?

  • jack thecus 4 years ago

    I identify as an Attack helicopter, give me my own bathroom, I want someone
    in there changing my fuel and reloading my ammunition.

  • Brother Bear 4 years ago

    A preacher told me being trans is against God, He had tattoos on his

    Hypocrisy is fun, isn’t it?

  • Ian Leishman 4 years ago

    Shit!I can never wear a kilt at a wedding again,now I’m aware God

  • Rosa 4 years ago

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes every time a word came out of the chaplain

  • Steffen Nielsen 4 years ago

    Daily show is getting too PC..

  • Bradpit soft 4 years ago

    What the fuck gives anyone the right to say you can’t do that, it’s your
    fucking body freedom in America yeah right. It’s thier body not yours so
    let them do what they want with it, it is not affecting you in any way.

  • Echoflame41 4 years ago

    Fucking hate Trevor Noah…

  • silvia summers 4 years ago

    All theses anti-gay and transgender guys are closet gays. thier “culture”
    does not allow them to openly express their desire to be or at least be
    curious about transgenders so they talk about it all day long pretending to
    be against it. You’ll see, it will come out that this guy watches gay porn
    and transgender porn.

  • Epic Table 4 years ago

    this is important, I actually wasn’t aware of this amount of stupidity in
    the world. I mean in hindsight it is obvious that folks think shit like
    that but I didn’t realize it until now

  • Mingo Tubman 4 years ago

    self identity disorder is gross!

  • AsSheLikesIt 4 years ago

    People with female genitalia cannot use a urinal and anyone is a female
    bathroom is in a private stall. So there really isn’t any cause for anyone
    to see anything that they don’t want to see. That said, what’s wrong with
    asking trans people to wait until they’ve transitioned before switching

  • The Chidds 4 years ago

    Trans people have clear mental health issues. We should be helping them by
    treating them, not accommodating their illness and encouraging it.

  • PrinceofGreatness 4 years ago

    This argument that it’s 2016 doesn’t hold ground. What’s the next group we
    are going to bend-over backwards for, Necrophiliacs, Bestiality, seriously
    if we don’t draw a line, society is going to go into the shitter real
    quick. We need standards or anything will be permissible.

  • Mark .Twain 4 years ago

    This is good! I can call the police on trans freaks.
    Let the trolling begin! :P

  • Kreepy Pasta 4 years ago

    Homosexuals don’t even make up 2% of the world population, and the last
    time I checked, the majority always rules whether the media likes it or

  • OpenInsanity 4 years ago

    I bet that motherfucker has an entire sex dungeon on his phone.

  • Will Quinones 4 years ago

    damn this is smart a hitman in 2020 will dress as a woman and can get away
    with assassination in a hotel once they let transgendet not get arrested

  • King.Jr. 4 years ago

    Since this politician is clearly judging people, you should have given him
    all the bible verses that say that it is wrong to judge

  • Abby Abuga 4 years ago

    I’m a christian, and I believe that everyone was given the decision to
    choose who they are and who they want to be. So who freaking cares?

  • americanslime 4 years ago

    Man, I can’t believe Klingenschmitt got his way into an office. Fucking

  • F- Gaming 4 years ago

    my gosh people are stuoid. they probably didn’t know she was transgender .
    they saw a woman with a man’s id. That’s impersonation as far as they know.
    it’s her/his/it’s fault it didn’t have a current id.

  • emkay M 4 years ago

    Goddamn she beautiful

  • Jonida Sanço 4 years ago

    Just take the example of the Ally McBeal firm and make unisex bathrooms.
    The worst thing that could happen is that someone who’s in the stall is
    going to find out your big secret, or you’re going to witness a Barry White
    dance-off. Transgendered people aside, where are fathers with daughters
    supposed to go, or mothers with sons? And if rape is the big issue there
    could be males raping males, females raping females. In what world do
    rapists choose public bathrooms to rape? And one last thing, I think the
    whole thing of peeing together in the urinals that men do is ridiculous. I
    know that there’s a whole culture standing behind it, but I think male or
    female, go behind a door and do your business. Unisex bathrooms with real
    doors for the win! Lastly, bathrooms aside, I truly hope there’s a general
    movement that helps transgendered people win this war and not just the
    LGBTI community. All of us should stand behind our brothers, sisters,
    undecided, fellow humans and give them the love and respect they deserve.
    History is definitely going to put down the transphobics, I just hope it
    doesn’t take too much time for the majority of us to get in the right side
    of history.

  • Nu Otonomi 4 years ago

    Hahahaha! It would be funnier if we got to see ISIS dudes run after them.

  • beastygeorge 4 years ago

    This is sooooooooooooo brilliant!! =)

  • Skylar Cato 4 years ago

    why i am an An-Cap!!!!!

  • Romain Guillaume 4 years ago

    So this guy (gordon) had to put on a dress in order to be able to talk
    against trans-gender persons….huh! Figure that out!

  • penelope pittstop 4 years ago

    why not just have 3 bathrooms? unisex for everyone, and then men and
    womens, and for those who dont like to share with trans? simple

  • Sporkenstein 4 years ago

    Americans denying other Americans rights because they don’t like the way
    they live. How do these fuckheads sleep at night?

  • 5Oblivion 4 years ago

    The anti-trans “Bathroom Argument” is complete bullshit. Absolutely *nobody*
    goes into a bathroom solely to gaze at people’s junk – in reality,
    everybody stays the fuck away from each other when in there.

  • Conor Wade 4 years ago

    This is why Jessica Williams is the best on this show. Those trans people
    have the same rights as everyone else. My god religious America is batshit
    crazy and mean as hell.

  • Matthew Motley 4 years ago

    Ayy Daily Show quick question: where did your production quality go? Did
    you drop it somewhere? I’ve seen higher production quality come out of half
    the YouTube vloggers I know. You’re employed by Comedy Central, why don’t
    you drop some of them fat stacks on making this look better than the “Bro
    Rape” parody from 10 friggin years ago.

  • Josiah Campbell 4 years ago

    here’s my opinion. Not that anyone cares LOL. But I’m a libertarian and I’m
    all for LGBT rights. I would like to personally see the government get out
    of marriage altogether and let individuals have private contracts between
    each other. the government has no right to be involved in people’s personal
    love life. but I also believe in private property. if a business wants to
    discriminate it’s their choice. the free market will take care of that
    because there’s more than one cake shop for example and no one is forcing
    you to just buy from them. and who wants to buy a cake from a bunch of
    bigots anyways. so let the bigots be bigots and just go to another store.

  • Mia Li 4 years ago

    …but her wig in the interview…what’s going on there?

  • jawwpc 4 years ago

    That white hair in the bun looks so friggen sweet

  • Ben Zombie 4 years ago

    I get why people are confused by the concept of being transgender, I’m cis
    so I won’t pretend to get it, but you don’t have to understand a person to
    know that they have rights as a human being. Equality is more important
    than your personal comfort.

  • XPOETRY 4 years ago


  • Jo Jones 4 years ago

    We need better stalls and neutral gender bathroom. In other countries, the
    bathroom stalls are private and you can’t see through the cracks. Having
    private, coed bathrooms would help transgender folks and parents with young
    children of the opposite sex. Men with young daughters, for example, don’t
    have good options.

  • Boston_Mama84 4 years ago

    the “chaplin” said “trans gender people are possessed” OMG

  • Passonator11 4 years ago

    Degenerates and mutants dressing like opposite sex and chumming loads of
    pills to look more like their dreamed up gender have the same rights as
    other humans. SAME, not more, not less. BUT, if you are born a man, thats
    what you’ll always be, a man. You can call yourself Shaniqua or
    Friedchickenisha and you even may convince your friends to play along and
    call you your new made up name and put up with your bad makeup and shit.
    But you can”t force the rest of us to take part in your masquerade or ask
    the state to recognize you as something you are not and never will be.

  • George etiorbo 4 years ago

    I’m just confused as to why gay/trans/alternative sexuality people are
    becoming more common. Any answers?

  • Adam Time 4 years ago

    They laugh at us in Europe . This is not a problem. WTF.

  • Skim 4 years ago

    That bible verse is bullshit. All they wore back then were fucking robes
    there’s no way in hell you could distinguish men’s clothing from women’s
    clothing. And they were right to respond with all the shellfish rules, etc.
    The rules are such bullshit in the Old Testament.

  • DreahMerDevol 4 years ago

    4:50 Busted – Looks like hes had a deep dark trans experience/secret. He
    used to like cross dressing and little boys, But thanks to god its now just
    little boys.

  • Christian Jeske 4 years ago

    That transgender guy in the blue Shirt… GODDAM THATS WHAT I CALL HOT!

  • Harbour Mastah 4 years ago

    The woman on the bottom row looks like Samantha bee

  • Reveille 4 years ago

    You lose the argument the second you use “because it’s the current year”

  • Meg Moogs 4 years ago

    men are scared of being attracted to a women and finding out she has a
    penis. the issue with men in women’s restrooms is silly. any women here
    pull there pants down outside the stall? Unless your a perv and peaking
    into it this is a non issue.

  • Naïna Barnett 4 years ago

    Who is the hot guy in the blue shirt and tie and when can I take him to

  • Rpp Wing 4 years ago

    There are still white straight guys who will say this kind of thing doesn’t
    happen smh

  • BEYatrice 4 years ago

    This is amazing!!! Shout-out to the first girl her hair was slayinggg…
    The “Priests” is ONLY focusing on transwomen as man of these anti trans
    movements are also. Not downplaying what transmen go through at all, but we
    transwomen get way more hate. It’s like this society HATES femininity, I
    just don’t understand it. All I know is I’m very lucky to have my gender
    marker changed to female. So sad what we have to go through every fucking

  • Persona Ohnlyne 4 years ago

    USA… What the actual Fuck!? I live in a mostly conservative South
    American country, with corrupt politicians, failing infrastructure,
    fraud… and we STILL have better laws that protect the rights of our LGBT
    community, to the point that when voting, it is their law given right that
    they ask to be referred to as men or woman regardless of what their birth
    gender was. Seriously, USA, land of the free? You are a bunch of
    motherfucking idiots if a corrupt, falling appart, weak South American
    democracy has better rights for people than you do.

  • nick jones 4 years ago

    I don’t get it , if you are a born a man , you’re a man.
    If you are born a women, you’re a woman

  • DC9848 4 years ago

    The daily PC show with Trevor Noah & black people. How about throw some
    diversity in the guest mix?

  • Captain Picard 4 years ago

    “a bla transgenna woma”

  • DorkyMando 4 years ago

    She should have inherited the daily show.


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