The Daily Show – Making Sense of the Electoral College

Published on December 8, 2016

As the Electoral College prepares to make Donald Trump’s presidency official, Thomas Jefferson (Jordan Klepper) explains why the Constitution calls for special electors.

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  • Walter Roux 2 years ago

    STOP SAYING NO OTHER COUNTRY DOES IT THIS WAY. stop thinking you’re special
    we in the UK are stupid too, we don’t have proportional representation
    either, we just call it ‘first past the post!’ look it up…

  • Clover Reacts 2 years ago

    It’s kinda stupid that the president is determined by a system most
    Americans don’t eve understand.

  • Rick Edmondson 2 years ago

    Are Americans starting to realize that their votes don’t actually matter…
    I hope so ???

  • Adolfo Villarroel 2 years ago

    may be an unpopular opinion, but I agree with the Electoral College
    concept. not with Trump being president tho.

  • ninjajagyr 2 years ago

    to be fair, a great amount of the population was Ill informed in this
    election. but that still doesn’t change the fact that the electoral
    college’s existance is no longer needed or at least be reformed to actually
    do the job it was intended to do.

  • Charzard king01 2 years ago

    Didn’t any of you learn in school that we technically a Constitutional
    Republic? Quit calling America a democracy because literally it’s not.

  • Andre S 2 years ago

    Because they know that without the electoral college republicans would
    never win!

  • Mubashir Mehmood 2 years ago

    So why the fuck America teaches Democracy to other countries when their own
    system is broken

  • Missing Shade89 2 years ago

    Why not meet halfway and divide electoral votes in proportion to the
    percentage of votes in the state itself?

  • AlexKenProductions 2 years ago

    I’m going to play a little devils advocate here and actually answer why the
    United States has the electoral college. There are two very important
    reason the founding father where aware of when writing it in the
    constitution. 1 being that time and time again as the founding fathers
    looked through history, they understood that a pure-democracies are always
    utter failures because a simple political concept called the “tyranny of
    the majority.” The idea of a larger majority having all the power creates a
    political climate of tyrannizing the minority which is not applicable to a
    unified nation. The 2nd reason is if elections where only determined by
    popular vote then a candidate would only focus on the states with the
    largest population. Why would candidate in that case care what some one in
    Iowa or Delaware think. And if your saying isn’t this election always in
    the end about the swing states? Well no they change all the time which is
    why they are called swing states. The electoral college is made to
    encourage campaigning and to make sure every state matters. Whether you
    care to see this as true or not is up to you. I figured I’d just answer
    Trevor’s question.

  • Adam K 2 years ago

    Oh nice, voting didn’t go your way and now you’re realising that there’s
    something wrong with your system

  • NIELS MICHIELS 2 years ago

    *”The electoral college exists to give smaller states a voice.”*
    *”if the electoral college gets removed the democratic states would always
    That isn’t true at all.
    You are *all* americans, what has “state” to do with anything?
    Without the electoral college you would see that new york and california
    arent fully democratic.
    I mean just look at this map for the popular vote in new york state:
    The same goes for texas that always has seemed a bastion for the
    republicans but in reality, just isn’t. (like 20 percent’ish was democrat)
    This goes for every state.
    And that changes a lot don’t you think?
    You guys should stop thinking just “state level” and think “national”.
    Everyone has a different opinion, the people of a state aren’t a hemoginous
    blob that thinks exactly the same, so why do people think that is exactly
    so in pollitics?
    Making the popular vote the only vote would make *every* state an important
    Not just the swing states like it is now.

    But it doesn’t matter what i think because i’m just “a dirty foreigner” and
    you’ll automaticly disregard anything i have to say on the subject ,so just
    keep on doing what you’re doing america. :)

  • Wasim Akram 2 years ago

    so basically America ain’t a democracy

  • Thomas Bowman 2 years ago

    When the United States was founded it was not, at the time, seen as a
    single country but as a Federation of separate countries, the states. It
    made sense at the time to prevent voters from each state voting purely on
    there own states agendas. However now the U.S. is a single country with a
    few unifying cultures and identities, its an obsolete system.

  • Daft Slice 2 years ago

    Why weren’t the left against the electoral college while Obama ran?
    Sore losers.

  • ShadlinTolly 2 years ago

    I know lots of people complain because the electoral college isn’t “true
    democracy” but we aren’t a democracy. We’re a democratic republic. The
    Electoral College has its purposes. Certainly you can argue that with the
    current system candidates only need to campaign to swing states, but if we
    went by popular vote, than candidates would only need to campaign to the
    large cities. The idea of the swing state actually helps diversify who the
    candidates need to appeal to. Otherwise, whoever the city folk want would
    win every time.

    However, just because it has its purposes does not excuse imperfection. I
    believe we should keep the electoral college, but award electoral votes
    proportionally instead of a winner take all system. That system worked when
    we were more of a group of independent states, but now state rights are
    much much smaller.

  • Sumonebody 2 years ago

    Obama lost the popular vote to Clinton in 2008 democratic primaries, so if
    you really hate the system, you are against obama’s presidency. You really
    prefer Clinton to Obama?

  • Joe LeClaire 2 years ago

    The electoral college was made for this exact reason you bigot… That’s
    not fair to have New York, California, and 6 of the most populated states
    decide who becomes president.

  • Perfect-Spirit 2 years ago

    If Hillary won , no one question electoral college ….. patetic !

  • Josh Edwards 2 years ago

    America is not and never was a democracy, you fucking morons.


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