The Daily Show – Donald Trump’s Post-Election Compromises

Published on November 15, 2016

In a “60 Minutes” interview, President-elect Trump backs down on his pledges to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., prosecute Hillary Clinton and “drain the swamp.”

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  • (ಠ_ಠ) 3 years ago

    trump is an embarrassment. america should be ashamed of that orange clown.

  • Dylon John Govender 3 years ago


  • Christian Buffum-Robbins 3 years ago

    Stop it? Just, “stop it?” Is Donald Trump taking the Dora the Explorer
    approach to handling adversity?

    “ISIS, no ISISing!”

    “Oh, maaaaaaaaan…”

  • Freddy Schwoerer 3 years ago

    Trevor is the best… if Trump kicks you out, youre welcome to come back to
    South Africa

  • SmartNinjaGamer 3 years ago

    Trump incited the hate and violence and then says “Stop it!!”
    Also, I knew Trump wouldn’t do half the shit he promised.

  • SJ Hackett 3 years ago

    His official name from what I’ve gathered is Donathan Jackass Drumpf.

    You are welcome.

  • Márcia Leal 3 years ago

    On a serious note: I think that Donald Trump thought that this would be the
    perfect dream come true and is now realizing that being a President is not
    easy. He says he went quiet when he knew he’d won. I think he did because
    of the weight of the responsability. I think it’s sinking in that he can’t
    bully his way out of this, that he can’t keep avoiding the issues and that
    he has zero experience in real politics. He’s way over his head and I think
    he knows it and is scared as hell.

  • Krish D. 3 years ago

    So it would appear Gringrich, Giulliani, Steve Bannon, Christie and the
    rest of the old boys club will be joining in on the fun in the White House.
    So much for “””anti-establishment””” blue collar billionaire.

  • Irettlawaltteri 3 years ago

    How the fuck are the hillbillies going to excuse this? Just pretend that he
    did all the things he said he would do?

  • Leo Messi 3 years ago

    F*ck you, Trump!
    I voted for you because you said you are against the Establishment and
    against corruption and now you bring lobbyists to the White House?!
    You betrayed us! I know many Trump voters are at least suspicious against
    miniorities if not racist. Still as a black man with a Mexican girlfriend I
    voted for you because you said you are against the Establishment! Dont even
    dare to break your words you dont know how much I had to kick my ass to
    vote for you..

  • Jonida Sanço 3 years ago

    But he’s not going back on the important stuff like climate change

  • Kris Reese 3 years ago

    Now anyone can become president. I say we should elect a pizza next time.
    Or maybe even a breakfast sausage.

  • Wake Up Mr. West 3 years ago

    Where are all those trump supporters flooding the comment section now?

  • Anna Ruiz 3 years ago

    …there is a fence. I live right next to the Mexican border… and there
    is a fence. Did you think the border was just a chalk line???

  • Xanxei 3 years ago

    You mean the Donald LIED?!!!!1 No way. How can this be? If only we had had
    some kind of warning earlier on in the primaries…

  • Robert Holloway 3 years ago

    he is truly a Gemini to all meaning of the zodiac sign… congratulations

  • fs87 3 years ago

    lol the man just became the leader of the most powerful country in the
    world and he’s bragging about twitter followers? good luck America, you’re
    gonna need it.

  • ThinkingBetter 3 years ago

    The climate change denial thing is all about fossil fuel industry lobbyism
    and not about protecting the public. His job creation program is about
    creating lousy jobs that he would never do himself for even one hour…such
    as coal mining, assembling iPhones, fixing airports and so on. BTW, those
    Chinese jobs that he wants to bring “back” to the USA are now leaving China
    for another reason…Chinese labor cost is getting too high so Chinese
    manufacturing is starting to move to Cambodia, Vietnam, India and such
    places LOL. Think about that if you are some white uneducated dude dreaming
    about Trump providing you a job.

    Trump scammed America in so many ways.

  • eou04 3 years ago

    Any ideas; how to move to the parallel universe in which Trump lost the

  • udyvlogs 3 years ago

    That Paul Ryan joke was so on point


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