“The Cuban People Have Music In Their DNA” – Javier Bardem On Becoming Desi Arnaz

Published on December 2, 2021

Renowned actor Javier Bardem tells Stephen about adjusting his Spanish to match the speaking style of Cuban-born Desi Arnaz, the man he portrays in the new film, “Being the Ricardos.” Stick around for parts two and three of Stephen’s interview with Javier Bardem! #Colbert #BeingTheRicardos #JavierBardem

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  • Feek news 9 months ago

    One combo fast lunch and 4 gallons gasoline can cost me $38 at California.I can’t laugh!

  • Ivan Soto 9 months ago

    Your favorite javier Bardem films?

  • wuhoo life 9 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Charm overflowing

  • No Comment 9 months ago


  • D. James 9 months ago

    As an American living in Spain, I will tell you that there are no people more open and honest and expressive than the Spaniards. What Americans need to understand now is the time of Franco here in Spain and how it affected this culture and how the people still remember the repression and poverty and the cruelty that Franco inflicted on the majority of the population. Research it, learn about it, you Americans who voted for El Trumpo…..our democracy and lives depend on your awareness.

  • Srini 9 months ago

    I’m crying 🥺

  • Deeannash 9 months ago

    There is nothing “wierd” about calling it a spirit that comes through the artist.
    We don’t have precise language to describe what happens when actors or singers or instrumentalists create their art. Ask a songwriter or a pianist where it flows from and many of them will just say, I don’t know it just comes to me somehow . I don’t know if there’s a god, but art might be the greatest proof of it.

  • steve conn 9 months ago

    I like Javier but he has as much resemblance to Desi Arnaz as Big Bird to Mr. T.

  • Karen Hammonds 9 months ago

    Not ONE woman being interviewed. Nonetheless, nothing being said including this one…male bigoted channel …unsubscribing to this useless waste of time channel

  • Eric Hagen 9 months ago

    he speaks the truth when he talks about ‘not wanting any part of that.’ i dont believe in spirits but ive seen actors take dark roles and get consumed in way other roles just dont do.

  • Andreas Georgiades 9 months ago

    Anton Chigurh. Hands down most frightening villain in cinematic history. Javier more than deserved the Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for that towering performance.

  • Wendy 9 months ago

    I am an American living in the Canary Islands (Tenerife), Spain….Javier was born on the island of Gran Canaria….

  • Kathleen Lackman 9 months ago

    I like him

  • Moni.L 9 months ago

    he’s such a beautiful man👀

  • Renee Wentz 9 months ago

    I watch all of the late night shows and Stephen’s guests have the best entrances. We can thank Jon for the proper music that gets everyone going. Great. I think it makes the guests so comfortable.

  • rohan ingle 9 months ago

    I always pronounced it Xavier Bardem like St Francis Xavier..

  • Felipe Valencia 9 months ago

    Watch ‘Perita Durango’ (aka, Dance With The Devil) and let me know what you think. You will be shocked. 😀

  • IndieUpbeats 9 months ago

    “When you’re given such a treasure of intimacy, you really need to put all your commitment into trying to earn it.” Mm, preach, Javier!

  • Un Apodo Tremendamente Característico 9 months ago

    I’d say Javier and Penélope have been much luckier than Antonio Banderas was when he succeeded in the USA back in the day. Antonio received so much hate here in Spain then. I guess now we’ve learned to “forgive” our fellow citizens for succeeding.
    I’m happy for them 🙂

  • Snutih 9 months ago

    Wow he used to be so hot, what happened?

  • Catherine 9 months ago

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