The creeps that elected Joe are now losing confidence in him: Gutfeld

Published on July 7, 2022

Gutfeld and guests discuss how celebrity Deborah Messing claimed that she had gotten Joe Biden elected on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  • imkluu 2 years ago

    Kat is such a hottie.

  • TREE3po 2 years ago

    Get Kyle Dunnigan to be your Biden!

  • Apple Cart 2 years ago

    The people who voted for this administration are responsibility

  • Nate gardoski 2 years ago

    So sick of pretending like Biden was actually voted in by the people. BS!!!! He was put there by our own government. Its disgusting to watch all of you going along with it

  • spencer saucier 2 years ago

    They?? The criminal’s behind the curtain, only want people in the Whitehouse that will do what they’re told!

  • Barbara Maroney 2 years ago


  • Korpse 2 years ago

    Who could’ve possibly known that democrat policies hurt the people they claim to help (sarcasm)

  • Marta Tavera 2 years ago

    Malita.yo no soy buena estoy enferma

  • GONAVYDAS05 2 years ago

    Why should anybody follow people who pretend for a living?

  • Will K 2 years ago

    Wow Kat
    You’re the main reason why I watch this show.

  • Tommy Wilson 2 years ago

    Biden has succeeded in crippling the country in 18 months and the opposition stood by and let him. Americans can look forward to owning nothing but will be happy. Same as China.

  • Gordon Jones 2 years ago

    What about the haulers?

  • Marta Tavera 2 years ago

    Telemicro debajo todo lo paise

  • Marta Tavera 2 years ago

    Hiati.republica dominicana.bonba respondo arma cosita

  • Mickey Marchwick 1 year ago

    Creeps made their own bed let them sleep in it

  • Chris 1 year ago

    Great reminder ‘ the hula hoop president’….. I remember those hula hoop images
    Of Biden’s prospective voters standing while listening to bimbo Biden.
    Tyrus is hot on target with his Bongo
    Droning on.

  • Dirk Tyler 1 year ago

    Gutfeld’s buddy who does the Biden impersonation needs to stick to writing or find another line of work. His video segments are never funny. These two must be tight. I remember when he took over hosting Red Eye and the ratings tanked. He may be a good writer, but he should stay off camera.


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