The cold one-way zoom meeting

Published on December 7, 2021

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discuss CEO’s firing of 900 employees via zoom.

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  • April Rawls 2 years ago

    I think it was a bold move. It’s business. Why would you continue to employ people who are not being productive for you. Now I get that zoom is kind of cold but it was effective. He should be unapologetic.

  • John Maksuta 2 years ago

    Nice under the table view, Garg… lol

  • Floyd Pepper 2 years ago

    American conservatives are insane. The comments are full of people happy that 900 people lost their jobs before Christmas during a pandemic. And then people wonder why the US has some of the worst worker’s rights in the developed world. Americans love to see misery and pain inflicted upon others.

  • Liam linson 2 years ago

    ahh yes look at fox news taking the side of the ceo without knowing the whole truth

  • steven 2 years ago

    2 hours of productivity a day? For 900 people? People are dumb enough to believe this?

  • Scott Smith 2 years ago

    I am one of the people that do the work and have to answer to the “metrics” …I’m am pretty much in the “green”, but still…The problem I have is that the ones whose sole task is to just monitor those metrics, get paid twice what I do.

  • Raydingo 2 years ago

    This is what happens when the boss gets the stimulus check…..

  • Imperious Rex 2 years ago

    This woman is a disgrace. First off she knows nothing about the Wholesale mortgage busines. She sounds foolish putting these people down. Most of these companies form because people like this CEO is hedging his money in mortgage back securities because they are a safe bet during inflation. These people will pouch mortgage professionals from more establish and stable co in order to meet a temporary growth demand spawn on by low rates. They over pay for talent and promise a rah rah environment. The problem is is it is super volatile and as rates go up the primary pusher of new business is refinances. Once those dried up a good portion of the churn and burn work is scarce. I know someone personally affected that was a former colleague of mine. They were not burning time on the clock. They were waiting for work to be evenly dispersed. When that work fies up you are sitting and waiting. The company bring poorly managed was still hiring new employees despite not having enough work.. I find that downright irresponsible. This is the scary part for employees the uncertainty. Oh an yeah being a part of these before myself they always seem to either hire or fire around the holiday season. This was very bad. I heard a woman crying on one video. Also most people are not millennial with poor work ethnic. Most are husband, wives mother and fathers with families to support. Also these jobs are primarily production based if you are doing just two hours of work you would not get everything done. When busy these jobs require overtime just to keep up.

  • Heath Wise 2 years ago

    Not knowing what their “work” consisted of it’s hard for me to say whether this was fair or not.

  • Omens Le Justice 2 years ago

    What a calus *****.

  • ironknuckle89666 2 years ago

    Emily Compagno’s reaction to the firing of 900 people is absolutely disgusting. She clearly has no empathy and is acting like a sociopath. Breaking Points did a great job pointing this out.

  • drb166 2 years ago

    The best thing that ever happened to me was getting fired from a job I hated. Looking back, because I hated going to work at that job, I was actually a really bad employee. That pushed me to look for a job I actually enjoyed. I found it, and have been successful ever since. Getting fired for being a bad employee is a good thing if you search yourself and figure out how to make a living WHILE being happy. Unfortunately, not everyone can find the perfect job. Maybe because of where you choose to live, or maybe because of your skills. Whatever it is, find something you can tolerate, as a minimum. Big Tip: Small companies usually give the employee the most satisfaction. If a company has a “Board”, expect to be given an employee number and not treated as an individual. However, no matter where you work, don’t be lazy. You can be untalented, which only means you are working in the wrong field, but never, ever, be lazy. You always have 100% control of that.

  • amp85d 2 years ago

    I worked there until two years ago. This is horseshit. They constantly watch metrics and review biweekly how long you even look at each screen. Yes, you literally have a meeting with your direct report once every two weeks. No one was robbing the clock.

  • Justyn 2 years ago

    Emily why pick on Gen Z like that

  • Ivan Garcia 2 years ago

    This is why I hate Fox News

  • Gooner 72 2 years ago

    How do you fire 900 employees at once, the ones who only do 2 hours of work in 8 hour day? One Zoom call!!!
    A bit of advice for people…….If you want to keep your job in this current situation……. do some chuffing work!!!

  • Nodical 1 year ago

    He thought he ate with that rhyme


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