“The Circus” Hosts Ask: Will Donald Trump Gain Voters In 2020?

Published on August 14, 2020

Mark McKinnon and Alex Wagner, who are living on the campaign trail until Election Day, share some insights about the loyalty of President Trump’s base in advance of the Season 5 premiere of their show “The Circus” on Showtime. #Colbert #TheCircus #Election2020

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  • Abbie Tillman 1 month ago

    I’m Single 😍😥

  • SW627 1 month ago

    45 comments…..and you can only see 43. Something to hide, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ? Figures.

  • Scott Cook 1 month ago

    I just told my buddy I was going to get a haz-mat suite and stand in line and vote.

  • Sono Qui 1 month ago

    Esperimento Musicale Sociale!
    Speriamo possa stimolare nuovi punti di vista!
    Italian Rebel Music

  • WWG1 WGA 1 month ago

    Why are you people watching this political hack, who is no longer a comedian? He was on the plane and has been to the island. Wake up

  • William Irwin 1 month ago

    I Think that if the world has to endure one more term with TRUMP; The world will IMPLODE!!! I Completely agree with her, I think that the USians of USA will turn up in droves this election to make sure they get ANYONE but trump lol…

  • Kathy Dryland 1 month ago

    Check out ivanka TRUMP owning polling booths via China business connection

  • Thomas Schroeder 1 month ago

    Noooo! Do not stop them.
    It’s so good listening to sane people.
    Please let them talk and put it on YouTube.
    Greetings from Munich, Tom.

  • Pigdoc1 1 month ago

    You forgot a group, liberals that have been sold down the river SO many times by the DNC, that they have decided they just can’t hold their nose one more time.

  • jzilla1234 1 month ago

    Do i care about the thoughts of these right wing corporate dems? I want to hear bernie and nina turner’s opinion

  • Syko Slim 1 month ago


  • Pak De 1 month ago

    Too bad they didn’t get a longer segment. It’s an interesting conversation. Alex needs to join the Biden Harris campaign. Love her enthusiasm.

  • W C Guy 1 month ago

    It’s unreal that the ONLY topic if this show now is Trump. Stephen makes $30 Million a year, with writers, and this marxist mouthpiece has one topic. AND tries to make you think, ‘he’s a normal, everyday guy like you’. The death to this show is imminent and what an AWESOME day that will be!

  • Me also 1 month ago

    Trump base is 35% and that number will never falter…. moron-in-charge could kill someone on the street and tramptards would blame democrats.

  • Rob Van Gessel 1 month ago

    Stephen asks, “does Trump still have his supporters behind him?” When your base consists of greedy, democracy-hating corporate CEOs, white supremacists, and calcified schizophrenic conspiracy freaks, there’s no way anyone can change them. It’s like expecting a meth addict in the back alley to have a clear thought. But it’s only 30% of the nationwide population, and the only reason they have power is because of the Electoral College, the trap that keeps handing our collective fates to a tiny, fucked-up but well-funded faction. That’s why the EC has to go, so the National Popular Vote decides general elections. We can’t afford it anymore.

  • Rob Van Gessel 1 month ago

    One major reason Trump won in 2016 was the weak turnout from Dems. On the other hand, to repeat myself, she would have won the WH if the National Popular Vote decided general elections, instead of the Electoral College.

  • moreno franco 1 month ago

    Trump and his post-master are despicable. Americans! THIS IS YOUR OMAHA BEACH MOMENT! Get to polls physically, if you have to. Take the day off if you have to. This your Once-in-a-Life-Time chance to GET YOUR COUNTRY BACK! Storm those polling venues and VOTE OUT this insidious infection. This YOUR D-DAY! Wear a mask! Keep your distance! Soldier up! GET OUT THERE!!!

  • Thierry Mad 1 month ago

    He behaves like a dictator, he talks like a dictator, he treats media like a dictator, he undermines democracy like a dictator…so guess what he is. It’s terrible to see that coming since 4 years and here we are. The next few months are critical for democracy.

  • Ross Hebrank 1 month ago

    Company’s went out of business cause of the Democrat policies so people are stupid for voting for that

  • ugh muffin 1 month ago

    Keep telling people gender and math are social constructs and if you’re white you owe everybody something and should be punished and just maybe he will have more voters


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