The Chicks On Why They Dropped The “Dixie” And Wrote A Modern Protest Anthem, “March March”

Published on July 17, 2020

Stephen is joined by Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines and Emily Strayer of The Chicks for an in-depth chat about what motivated them to drop the “Dixie” from their name, and why they continue to live up to their legacy of taking a stand on issues that matter. Stick around for a performance of “March March” from The Chicks’ new album “Gaslighter” which is available everywhere now. #StephenAtHome #Gaslighter #TheChicks

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    Young girls called Dixie are being bullied at schools now cause these chicks said it’s racist. Nice one chicks!!!

  • LairMistress 3 years ago

    As a progressive northwesterner, I disagree with them dropping “Dixie” from their name. It’s almost as if they’ve “dislocated” themselves. It’s not like they’re waving Confederate flags all over the place…

  • Jim Leffler 3 years ago

    I’m with them, wasn’t a big fan of that war or that whole time…he was better than what we have now,which is pretty pitiful

  • John Wang 3 years ago

    I certainly respect these women for always having been vocal about what they believe. I could care less about their name change, it’s their strength and perseverance that I respect. Their music is pretty good too.

  • M. M. M. 3 years ago

    You ruined my joke.
    I used to refer to them as
    The Dick Me Chicks.
    P.S. Chicks is more derogatory than Dixie lol

  • C J 3 years ago

    As an outsider, a European, growing up I’ve always heard the word “Dixie” in positive connotations, along with the rebel flag in the Dukes of Hazard and the rebels down south (Hollywood depiction), the Dixie song (which is quite catchy) and so forth,..

    It’s quite strange and sad to hear that the story behind this never were told in a broader way, although not surprising as the winners of the civil war wasn’t black people, as they had no say in it. They were obviously handed a compromise, an improvement though thanks to Lincoln, of which they never could bargain any further with.
    But still it’s sad to see and hear that all of these things, of which you have been told were to be good, and have associated with good, in fact wasn’t,..

  • J W 3 years ago

    “Dixi” for me is a type of baby-blue portable toilet cabin, often used by construction workers lol (I’m German), so good choice on dropping that from the name 👍

    Had to google what “Dixie” actually refers to, apparently it’s a synonym for the confederacy?

  • david williamson 3 years ago


  • Pro Bee 3 years ago

    Let me guess the answer: Because it’s no longer profitable to have a racist name?

  • TheMaryam1891 3 years ago

    I support you. Did w George W. I am suthun. BUT IT OFFENDS ME. #cruzoozes

  • Frank Arrietta 3 years ago


    They did it for money.

  • Dom Grosso 3 years ago

    They can really be admired for staying together all these years through the adversity that they faced. Go Chicks!

  • Robert Rootes Bestselling Author 3 years ago

    If they really understood the connotations behind the work “Dixie” all those years ago they wouldn’t have called themselves Confederate $$$. Even when they put a band together to make Dixie. Too bad most states shutdown their county fairgrounds this year. Now the $$$ Chicks don’t even have a venue anymore. There might be some truck stops in the south where they can still play live music. Ye-Haw

  • your mama said 3 years ago


  • Maja-Danmark 3 years ago

    1:40 Colbert: ”Were there other contenders for the name?”
    Funny that she says ”Ducks”

  • B 3 years ago

    I’ve never quit liking & buying from them, & won’t because of a name. I just love their new music! I loved when they spoke on anything. They’re so smart, & rational, & so far I’ve always agreed, including the infamous time.I can’t wait to buy the new Chicks album today!

  • Herb Liptow 3 years ago

    Conservatives are so easily triggered! God just for dropping dixie? These women have more courage than the entire trump supporters!

  • MartinHCollection 3 years ago

    They are super gorgeous 🙂 I love them 🙂

  • Caged 3 years ago

    How’s “the chicks” offensive?

  • Mantreaus 3 years ago

    Always liked the Chicks, Before and After. You don’t have to be an Idiot to be Country or like Country Music, Some just make that choice. Most Country Folk I knew before the last 30 years had an attitude of “My business is Not yours and your opinion stops at my property line. Stay out of mine and I’ll stay out of yours.” After Reagan it seemed Stupid became the main course until it evolved into a Lifestyle Diet creating the Illness of Trump. In November I heard there is a Vaccine becoming available to begin the eradication as we did in the ’50s and ’60s for Polio.


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