The Check In: Trump Rolling Back Environmental Regulations

Published on July 29, 2020

Seth takes a break from breaking news to check in on President Trump quietly rolling back environmental legislations, ultimately harming the environment and disproportionately impacting people of color in the process.

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  • TerminalCarrion 2 months ago

    How narcissistic is this guy that in every story he tells, people are weeping from joy from his every action like he’s some messiahic figure that solved a problem in a miraculous way. He reminds me of that movie burns from the simpsons made of himself. He acts like his every action is miraculous and people are great duo for him, but deep down he’s a very dismissive, cruel and fickle man who will turn on you the moment you don’t pander your him or have nothing to offer him. If he hadn’t been born into a rich family, he’d be that asshole from high school who didn’t learn anything, burned all his bridges, then couldn’t properly support himself or find work. He likes the image of being some kind of ideal human being and his ego is so large he won’t accept anything to the contrary

  • Zepp Leppard 2 months ago

    At least you’re focusing on the important stuff Seth, I guess real journalism isn’t dead because of you.

  • cynthia van teylingen 2 months ago

    Me scrolling randomly through youtube while seth myers is talking. Wait what trump is an environmentalist. Hell no 11. In ur dreams trump ur the oposite. Lol

  • lion head 2 months ago

    I will really miss trump as president,very entertaining stupid man

  • 3D MASTER - 2 months ago

    🍊 🟧 📙 ✴ 🟠 🔸️ ….. 🤡 🤣

  • Jakob Raahauge 2 months ago

    Trump is as dirty as his environmental policies!

  • 4 & 20 Black Birds 2 months ago

    okala aquaphor has about 20-30 year left of water left. So what’s that got to do with Kanya West? Trump’s friend Kanya bought hundred of acres of land that will have no source of water in the coming years! Yep, the Midwest will be a desert because the previous Aryan farmer generations use up all the water.

  • Mary Hirose 2 months ago

    THIS is the main reason I don’t like you, Mr. Trump. Because you’re destroying the planet.

  • Yasmine Robinson 2 months ago

    “Truth doesn’t stop Trump” now THAT should be his campaign slogan

  • Lakshmi Mohan 2 months ago

    I am pretty sure Trump is actively trying to kill Americans.

  • Levi Collison 2 months ago

    The grown men cried from the tear gas from down the street.

  • Truth 2 months ago

    Shared. Thanks for talking about it.

  • Gavan Morails 2 months ago

    I agree we need to regulate the environment better and put more controls on corporations , but I don’t agree with Seth talking about solar panels and wind farms. If every household in the World put up solar panels and used wind farms, we’d still be in bad shape. We need to control the population growth first and foremost!

  • Jon Hinson 2 months ago

    If Trump ever stopped lying, he would stop breathing like the shark that keeps swimming .

  • captain tweak 2 months ago

    Why are you doing this what you should be doing Seth is trying to figure out how to explain to your children why it’s okay to kill people and lie if you are the president and why we essentially had to just let this man do this.

  • Stephanie P 2 months ago

    “You can’t say you’re an environmentalist just because you look like a compost heap.” Dying!! 😂🤣
    I need to remember that one for future conversations!

  • This wonderful land penwith cornwall 2 months ago

    Enjoyed this one , if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny. Had me lol xx

  • Exterioris-vallem 2 months ago

    Trump is such an imbecile it’s starting to get to me.. And I live in Scandinavia!

  • Roger hagger 2 months ago

    ,Seth is running out of stuff to say! We ALL agree that Trump is a naive criminal clown BUT Bidon is a criminal mass murderer AND a dirty old man! By “sponsoring” Bidon and NOT exposing the reactionary two party Imperialist politics in the USA, Seth is siding with the very same ruling class that got us here in the first place . . ” the crisis of humanity is the crisis of leadership” Leon Trotsky

  • Kate 2 months ago

    ALL the Rump money should be taken and donated to the poor and to fix environmental problems he’s exacerbating. Then they should be left on an island that is growing smaller.

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