The Check In: Rick Perry and the Department of Energy

Published on December 5, 2017

Seth checks in on Rick Perry, the man President Trump chose to lead the Department of Energy, an agency that Perry once wanted to abolish.

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  • H Dug 2 years ago

    Hope he remembers to wear his smart guy glasses to work.

  • RazmatazHD 2 years ago

    Bold move. Bold dumb move.

  • ToadisChill 2 years ago

    I can’t believe that Trump is still president. Its almost been a year…

  • That Guy 2 years ago

    What did the cat say when he got scared?

    You’re freaking meowt!

  • Robert Downes 2 years ago

    I wonder if Seth ever reads these comments? Dear NBC intern in charge of uploading YouTube videos: You’re a champion, you’re valuable, you can stop spitting in your supervisors Starbucks that he makes you pick up every morning. I believe you can do anything if you put your mind to it. (except spit in his coffee… DON’T DO IT)

  • Archer Sterling 2 years ago

    Rick Perry is the guy who couldn’t remember the names of the 3 government agencies he wanted to eliminate. Trump really picks the best morons .

  • TheCanadiangirl4 2 years ago

    *sigh* Please don’t blow up the world USA

  • Jessica D 2 years ago

    I wish I could become a doctor without all the hard work and learning required just like our government…

  • sidd joshi 2 years ago

    *If it was up to Trump.. he would have given Nobel prize for physics to Kayne West*
    When your President is Donald F Trump, _Competence becomes irrelevant._

  • For An Angel 2 years ago

    Trump just keeps filling the swamp

  • Greg Friedler 2 years ago

    Rick Perry might be the most stupid of Trump’s cabinet.

    Pretty stiff competition though.

  • aprilwearsgucci 2 years ago

    Rick Perry make George W look smart. Lol What happened to Trump hiring the best people.

  • Thomas Maples 2 years ago

    If the Vietnam War was run by Forest Gump, he would have carried everyone out on his back.

  • billy the dead 2 years ago

    More inept republicans in charge can’t wait to see how this turns out my bet is horribly

  • Fox Smith 2 years ago

    “Sir THREE nuclear bombs were set off in US cities!” Rick Perry “Oops”

  • Jim's videos 2 years ago

    You know with a great deal of soul-searching and reorganization and personal development, perhaps the Republican party can work all the way up to the lofty heights of being a common disgrace.

  • Toad Jiang 2 years ago

    “Trump is a cancer on conservatism”?? So he basically said Trump was a cancer on cancer.

  • RinOreyva 2 years ago

    Are Americans aware how screwed they are?

  • brainflash1 2 years ago

    “A cancer on conservativism,”I didn’t realize cancer could get cancer.

  • Fuck You 2 years ago

    Obama appointed Steven Chu who won the Nobel Prize in Physics as Secretary of Energy, while Trump appointed Rick Perry, smh.


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