The Cast of Schitt’s Creek on Emmys Sweep & Eugene Levy Impressions

Published on September 23, 2020

Eugene, Catherine, Dan and Annie talk about their “Schitt’s Creek” sweep at the Emmys, they party plans going awry, Catherine’s speech, the pressure Annie felt, finding out that Elton John is a big fan of the show, Eugene and Catherine winning an Emmy for “SCTV” together in 1982, and they all do their very best Eugene Levy impressions.

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  • Sarah o 4 weeks ago

    It’s about time this show won. It’s been funny from day one.

  • Ocean le 4 weeks ago

    I can’t wait for their Christmas Specail **hint **hint

  • Ashita Sharma 4 weeks ago

    why do Catherine and Annie literally have a mother daughter relationship awww

  • Billy Good Life 4 weeks ago

    Johnny being Johnny, That broom means they Sweep the Emmy hahahahhaa. low key diss…

  • Christina Martinez 4 weeks ago

    Love this show! Watching for a 2nd time.

  • Priyanshu Singh 4 weeks ago

    So good to see this amazing show finally get good recognition.

  • roger flanton 4 weeks ago


  • abiltabil 4 weeks ago

    Love Schitt’s Creek and everyone in it! Such a great show! They all became so real that now that I’ve finished watching all the seasons, I keep reminding myself to watch ‘The Crows Have Eyes 3’ or ‘Sunrise Bay’ and then have to remind myself that those are not real. A big Congratulations to all of you! Thank you for bringing such joys in our lives through your work!

  • Nancy Thomas 4 weeks ago

    Favourite season ? Awards.
    Boy were you right, Moira.

  • Hettie de Korte 4 weeks ago

    I love Perry Como still alive. So funny.

  • Caroline Peachey 4 weeks ago

    I have never smiled so widely or for so long, so happy and so proud of them all!! 😁🎉👏🥂

  • TheOlesb 4 weeks ago

    3:10 “Don’t worry. It’s his sister!”
    Pun intended

  • Grail Gal 4 weeks ago

    Why is Chris Elliott so ignored on this show he had a fairly large role.

  • Kaidie Hart 4 weeks ago

    I want to see Alexis in a spin-off!!

  • BubbaDog Productions 4 weeks ago

    What an unbelievably, wonderful way to end a great show. Great talents all. Well Done.

  • Marco Moreira 4 weeks ago

    I love them but I’m really sad for What We Do In The Shadows

  • Danny Simion 4 weeks ago

    I could not be happier for this cast and crew to win their awards. This is one hilarious show. I’ll miss this show but I’ll always have my laugh with this series!!

  • Captain X-Raygaming 4 weeks ago

    I freaking love Eugene like he’s such a legend

  • Joey baby 4 weeks ago

    If you need to ( and who doesn’t, these days) this show does its job . So funny it takes a few episodes then your facial cheeks go into spasms from the laughing.Just a warning. I saw it on Netflix,

  • Dauph Camp 4 weeks ago

    That show had me from the “shut up” scene in episode 1 <3

  • Patricia I Powell 4 weeks ago

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