The Botham Jean Murder Verdict and Its Complex Emotional Aftermath | The Daily Show

Published on October 6, 2019

Trevor explores the complicated emotions surrounding the sentencing of Amber Guyger, an ex-police officer who entered the wrong apartment and murdered her neighbor Botham Jean.



  • The god bulit like Budda 1 year ago

    I wonder if I can buy “white woman tears”? Can you wear it like a pheromone? Instant sympathy

  • sansyboiii 1 year ago

    I’m sorry, but if someone murdered my brother, I would never forgive them. Wtf

  • KAIJU MECHA 1 year ago

    10 years?

  • Victory Begins in the Garden 1 year ago

    justice was not serve

  • 1887 Coot 1 year ago

    Witness dead shortly after

  • olu Ave 1 year ago

    Joshua Brown, the star witness that put Amber away, was killed yesterday in an execution style shooting. One in head, 2 in chest. Forgiveness was exchanged with a murder of another black man who told his truth in court. Fuck the Dallas Police because they have something to do with this

  • David Pirtle 1 year ago

    It reminds me of The Onion’s article about a white girl’s parents being outraged that she was to be tried as a black woman.

  • Yuraraina_ DaGamer 1 year ago

    I want to move to Africa…to get away from this death trap.

  • Amber Kaio 1 year ago

    Good words Trevor. I watch you every day and each day is better for it.

  • chemxfan 1 year ago

    Guyger is a dirty, stinking murderer & they basically swatted her hand w/a ruler & told her to stand in a corner…
    There’s no way I’d give her a hug unless it’s w/a extension cord wrapped around her throat.
    Then not even 2 days later the witness for the prosecution is murdered!
    You will not necessarily agree w/me, Black people – but it’s time to stop hugging the people that are killing us & coming up with new ways to get off: #standyourground, #castlelaw need to be abolished immediately.
    Because before too long – they will be telling us we need to be off the streets at sundown again…google it.
    Screw the jury for giving her a free pass. You’d better hope to God this doesn’t happen to your family. #5fuckingyears #BothamJean

  • SirGrey 1 year ago

    Ditto! Well said.

  • shreerajsinh jethwa 1 year ago

    Trevor Noah has Created a Separate Fann base!! This is really genuine way of presenting Facts & stories, He tries to understand situation & not jumping conclusions, but his inference & Suggestions are really most appropriate ones… I would really like to work with him & Daily show, Can anyone help me out here…?

  • Johan Cegrell 1 year ago

    It brings to mind all the heat out Scandinavian prisons got after Michel Moore movie. Where the head of the prison tells the new inmates: ”When you get out of here, you might become a neighbour of mine.”

  • CHAIN WHIP ENDURO 1 year ago

    Its funny how its mostly blacks and whites talked about when it comes to racism as if this treatment doenst happen to any other minorities in the U.S.

  • George Grootfaam 1 year ago

    us of ass fuck

  • D Coetzee 1 year ago

    This enunciates my feelings on this very well. We shouldn’t be trying to take the indiscriminate life-destroying long sentences and coldness applied to blacks in America and apply them to everyone. We should be trying to take the compassion and humanity and second chances that are unfortunately only applied to whites and try to apply those to everyone. Everyone is capable of redemption.

  • Teresa Thayn 1 year ago

    4% of inmates put to death were innocent! End The Death Penalty Now!!

  • SanKha 1 year ago

    Why don’t you just hang up the racist killer? She killed on purpose man, i can see in the eyes

  • the walkin dude 1 year ago

    So let’s reverse the roles here. Black man kills white woman in her apartment, but he thought it was his place. That man would be sentenced to life without parole, no castle defense, if he wasn’t shot dead by the police at the scene.

  • Shae Dee 1 year ago

    They just killed Joshua Brown….one if the witness


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