The Biggest Loser Of The CNBC Debate Was Everyone

Published on October 30, 2015

It’s hard to believe, but the CNBC Republican debate could have been worse… an hour and a half worse.

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  • mariokarter13 5 years ago

    To their credit, CNBC got the candidates to agree on something.

  • Torben Otten 5 years ago

    Nailed it. haha

  • A D 5 years ago

    No bias here guys. I checked.

  • Joe Rykowski 5 years ago

    Now that was a truthy fact-cination!

  • Rude. 5 years ago

    If Trump was president for 2 hours I would still be scared

  • Rude. 5 years ago

    If Trump was president for 2 hours I would still be scared

  • fidorover 5 years ago

    It’s like Ted Cruz was auditioning to be my Uber driver.

  • A D 5 years ago

    Stephen Colbert: The Clinton family ‘groom of the stool.’

  • Mr. Flawless 5 years ago

    #BUILDTHEWALL #Trump2016

  • sanedem 5 years ago

    Meh, fuck all the candidates, save one or two that actually believe in
    climate change. They’re all complete fools.

  • Joe 4015 (Joemovies4015) 5 years ago

    Both parties are not good, but jesus the media is so fucking biased it is
    sad. Colbert is just another liberal hack fraud.

  • Mark Lagunzad 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is one creepy Canadian

  • TheeMysteryHour 5 years ago

    This is a nice throwback to very early Letterman.

  • stiimuli 5 years ago

    CNBC really screwed the pooch on this debate. It was a disaster.

  • srercrcr 5 years ago

    Thank you CNBC. We got to see how horrible the Republicans are.

  • Richard Rothschild 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz may not make a great friend, but he would make an excellent Uber

  • Matthew Hughes 5 years ago

    An interview with the American people or an interview for the corporations?

  • Richard Rothschild 5 years ago

    “Even in New Jersey you’d be considered rude” Hahahahahaha

  • Richard Rothschild 5 years ago

    NO! Don’t even give Donald Trump 2 hours as president.

  • Richard Rothschild 5 years ago

    2 hours? I wouldn’t even trust that Buffoon as president for 2 minutes!

  • Richard Rothschild 5 years ago

    Donald Trump: “My biggest weakness is being so effective people are scared
    of how much progress I’ll make”. How bloody pretentious.

  • goheat 5 years ago

    deezz nuts 2016

  • Anthony Gemfield 5 years ago

    CNBC did not ask any unfair questions. Donald Trump WAS critical of
    Zuckerberg on his website. Republican clowns don’t even read their own so
    called policies. Stephen Colbert needs to do a better job at holding these
    Rupublicans’ feet to the fire.

  • ccmanize 5 years ago

    I can’t believe that with all those Republican candidates, there is not a
    single decent one. Every single one of them is a regressive.

  • Mike Hihn 5 years ago

    Colbert blew it! Trump is now a proven liar. His attack on Rubio and
    Zuckerberg is indeed on Trump’s own web page, precisely as charged! She
    said that later, how did Stephen miss it?

  • Hallusion 5 years ago

    ted cruise

  • Burnt Waffles 5 years ago


  • Habibur IHaveSeenItAll 5 years ago

    What a liberal jackass this guy is?

  • georgsteg 5 years ago

    clinton and obama skipped each twice as many votes as rubio

  • Tim David 5 years ago

    2:00 I feel like thats not actually a bad thing. Those are hard questions
    that the candidates should be expected to answer.

    2:53 That was obvious sarcasm from the moderator though. Trump lied through
    his teeth.

  • George Carpelan 5 years ago

    Is Stephen a Republican?

  • TheStormfall 5 years ago

    That was one of the best sketches in this series. Weird feeling that both
    colberts merging into THE SUPER COLBERT

  • srercrcr 5 years ago

    They had a game plan to attack the moderators. It worked well for Trump.
    Did you notice Cruz didn’t even answer Quintanilla’s question?

  • Cam Par 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz is a strange little man

  • Ryan “VetruvianHonor” H. 5 years ago

    Thank you Stephen Colbert.

  • carschmn 5 years ago

    The CNBC debate shows what happens when the moderators think the candidates
    are all morons. I think the candidates were correct to go after them.

  • 11lorib 5 years ago

    Stephen U must know that the USA can deBAIT (spelt wrong on purpose) until
    the cows come home, where ever home is for COWS. MOO MOO Move over Donald
    Trump. He must do the Milk Commercial with all his CHEAP buildings he has
    built. There’s NO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY here, hear.

  • Marius Periwinkle 5 years ago

    Please America. Don’t elect another illiterate nutcase. We have only just
    gotten accustomed to one that can speak in complete sentences.

    Best regards
    The rest of the world

  • Steve Pasquarella 5 years ago

    Letterman is sitting in retirement right now and just shaking his head in
    disappointment on how Colbert has turned the show into 10+ minutes of
    political commentary and anti-Trump comments every.single.night.

  • Maswerty “Swabby” Hill 5 years ago


  • Alexandre Pinho 5 years ago

    I think the winner of this debate was Marco Rubio. I’m not a republican,
    but I think he was very well spoken, had a lot of time to make his points,
    and the questions for him were relatively easy (the hardest one was the one
    about skipping votes, but he was able to ignore it). I think it will be a
    race between Rubio and Carson in the end, and I think that Rubio will win
    because he’s more charismatic and a better speaker than Carson.

  • thisisrachels 5 years ago

    5:15 Stephen, your hair looks sexy pushed back.

  • MrOttopants 5 years ago

    lol. Rand Paul’s green room is awesome. Now if we could just watch a
    security video of him writhing in pain on the floor after he stops taking
    money from the government he hates.

  • kaliyuga2758 5 years ago

    This IS all a joke – on the American people.

  • My Name is Mud 5 years ago

    I don’t know what is worse and really can’t believe it comes down to
    Clinton or Trump… Either way it’s like watching the beginning of a low
    budget, pre-apocalypse zombie movie… Or the fall of Rome

  • vvvVFANGSVvvv 5 years ago

    I don’t understand how those questions were disrespectful. Seriously,
    pointing out that Rubio skipped more votes than any other candidates is
    considered disrespectful now!?!? this country is so fucking screwed…

  • Kobe Jamez 5 years ago

    they need to stop complaining about the moderaters…if you can’t take that
    without losing your cool, how can you be president? imagine a democratic
    debate with Fox moderators

  • movalboy 5 years ago

    Oh deary me. What a bunch of big girls’ blouses.

  • filteredcreativity 5 years ago

    God, this was funny.

  • Proof Vid 5 years ago

    I’m voting for trump

  • Neal Singh 5 years ago

    It’s funny how the Republican’s version of substance is either complaining
    that they never talk about substance or complaining about each other. One
    can easily recognize the immense shift in our nation’s political discourse
    over the last 10 years: Talking about politics to talking about talking
    about politics. That is to say, no longer do we talk about things of
    gravity, but instead the daily doings and shenanigans of those elected to
    discuss such issues. In a word, politics has become politicized and
    monetized, mined for buzzy, controversial content that attracts the
    populous’ attention as would a viral video—precipitously.

    Even on the democratic stage it is inconceivable to see substantive topics
    be truly discussed, though the Democratic party is much more reasonable and
    direct. We equate true discussion of issues with talking about each
    candidate’s ‘plan’; when in fact true, productive discussion involves a
    holistic and honest examination of all the facts and all the perspectives.
    On both sides of the aisle, politicians are guilty of being blind to
    certain evidence. This decline in discussion is inextricably linked to the
    decline in long-form journalism; The rise of buzzy, quick, quirky, and
    simple media has supplanted all forms of meticulous, informative
    journalism. Buzzfeed perhaps is the archetype of this phenomenon. Since
    when have huuuuuge-ly complex issues been seen as distilled as they are
    now, as clear-cut and black and white? One is either this or that, a
    democrat or a Republican, a pro-lifer or a pro-choicer, a liberal or a
    conservative…We all want the same thing, no?—A happy, healthy, and
    productive life. Why have insignificant differences become defining
    factors? Why is our goal not to ascertain the most effective way to achieve
    our common welfare rather than to orchestrate a giant pissing contest aimed
    at proving one party’s superiority over another?

    My answer to these questions: Probably greed. I am by no means against
    greed. I fully concur with what Gordon Gekko so brilliantly said: “…greed
    for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of
    mankind.” But this I only agree with on an individual level, the level of
    the ego. (I subscribe to the belief of psychological egoism, a descriptive
    philosophy that acknowledges the animal’s individual, lifelong occupation
    with pleasure. ) Gekko’s next line, “And greed, you mark my words, will not
    only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called
    the USA. “, I disagree with. Our government insofar as it is capable ought
    to be incorruptible and have an exhaustive series of checks and balances.
    Also, it ought to at all times serve its people as maximally and
    efficiently as possible.

  • ha1e 5 years ago

    The most fake looking and intelligence insulting election in human history.

  • Lintlikr1 5 years ago

    2 hours feels about right haha good one stephen

  • Jarod Tall 5 years ago

    Colbert, you are better than this. Defending the republicans for attacking
    the moderates just so they can sidestep the question. C’mon man

  • 11lesdoon 5 years ago

    stephen colbert would be a great moderator…

  • pop5678eye 5 years ago

    During the Fox News debate many of the questions were similarly ‘gotcha’ or
    personal, had nothing to do with issues, yet not ONE candidate other than
    Trump raised concerns about it. So trying to blame CNBC, but NOT Fox is
    hyper-hypocritical! Yes, I agree these debates, and debate questions are
    ridiculous. But those on the right making these claims are doing themselves
    supreme disservice by not laying equal criticism on their beloved trumpet,
    Fox News.

  • Klonis Archer 5 years ago

    I stand with Sanders!

  • Andrew Horn 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz: I want to be America’s designated driver.


    Loved the hat Stephen. Basically the debate went this way. Jeb, blah, blah,
    Donald Trump, blah, blah, blah, build a wall, Ben Carson in soft talk,
    blah, blah, blah. The moderator than asked, “Ben could you speak up so we
    can heard you?” Ben, blah, blah.


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