The Big Lie Lives On For House GOP, Arizona Republicans And Some Retired Military

Published on May 18, 2021

Republicans from Washington D.C. to Maricopa County to the ranks of retired military leaders would like Americans to forget about the insurrection on January 6th, and focus instead on a tired list of debunked election conspiracy theories. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Jamie Smith 2 years ago

    Can Evie can an Emmy already?

  • ICantThinkOfAName 2 years ago

    Former Navy vet, have met some of these military heroes in boot camp, including Seaman Nuts, Seaman Swallows, and Seaman Man. (All actual names)

  • nelaknight 2 years ago

    Is this the limp section of the show?

  • SQ maru 2 years ago

    Seeing Biden driving that new truck is so cool!

  • AL- BOT 2 years ago

    That was a job for Opera Man….

  • Hlun Laochailan 2 years ago

    Forced to view (yet another) VRBO commercial, as lamely insane and time-wasting as all the other VRBO ads. Worse, it is the same commercial that pops up with just about every other video, some lame shite about grandpop bonding or boyfriend becoming a member of the family, promoting the purchase of intimacy by renting a “destination.”

  • Something Clever 2 years ago

    Suppressing citizens votes and not wanting to investigate a literal physical attack on the capital and overall insurrection.

    How can that be anything other than anti-american?
    They are a clear and present danger to the country and democracy in general at this point

  • Leo Lionhart 2 years ago

    By far, I never have so much laugh from this segment in so few minutes. This is absolutely the best one for a long time.

  • nelaknight 2 years ago

    Are these intros to segments getting longer or is it me?

  • Jan Haskell 2 years ago

    Stephen, with the chickens wasn’t the final destruction of the ballets selling the chickens to KFC (cutting to the pic of Sir. Gluten chowing down on a bucket of chicken)

  • donereally 2 years ago

    I was reading the comments while watching and I kept reading about the opera glasses. Then suddenly there they were, and true to form, they were-hilarious. Great monologue all around.

  • D M 2 years ago

    No mention of Biden joking about running over the reporter who wanted to ask about Israel?

  • Friend Kelli 2 years ago


  • Wedgetail 2 years ago

    Ah, yes. I remember when Rear Admiral Jack Meeoff battled the Soviet General Ivan Strokoff. What a brave hero, standing hard!

  • Tawney Biggs-Dominguez 2 years ago

    National Socialist Party 2021. T***p and his buddies should have read their copies of ” Mein Kamph” more closely, cuz they suck at this Nazi crap. Sorry if misspelled the title of that piece of literature. I’m not a white supremasist and have never had any interest in reading it. O heard it had a pretty great ending though, with a bomb crater and cowardly dictator bits strewn about.

  • magnetospin 2 years ago

    Is that Roger performing as the vaccine singing lady?

  • Zesty 2 years ago

    0:32 McCarthy’s integrity? I was the winning bidder — a steal at $25. Or so I thought. I have it here in a jar. Yours for $10. Great conversation piece.

    2:05 Oh, those are in the jar, too. I’ll throw them in for free.


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