The BEST Of Women On The Graham Norton Show! | Part One

Published on March 8, 2022

It’s International Women’s Month, and to celebrate let’s take a look back at some of the most talented women we’ve been lucky enough to have on the red sofa! Part two coming soon!

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  • Kay-DC 2 years ago

    Emma Stone is a legend and always will be

  • marieleelee 2 years ago

    The Spice Girls one always reminds me of when Ellen brought out the sloth for Kristen Bell lol

  • Sydney James 2 years ago

    my god this is like babes and wonderland …Merryll Streep and Nicole Kidman ….finally my old engine started …nothing like this gift to us men from aussies and US apart from Kylie Minouge and so on and so forth …the 1990s generation does not rob the cradle …we are fortunate for the women of our generation ….heres looking at you Nicole and as for you Merryll you are still being chased ….you can still stone the crows lassie and happy international women’s day ….my compliments Graham …carry on old chap ….i wonder how you exercise such unprecedented self control ……:)

  • BookBWitched 2 years ago

    I had tears on Emma’s behalf! It’s a good damn thing he’s cute & cheeky.
    Just saying.

  • Rex Racer 2 years ago

    When I was a boy, I never really minded when my mother had company over during the day. They would chat, have coffee or tea, and I would quietly play on the floor nearby. This compilation reminds me of that happy time, as brief as it was.

  • Yah Mean 2 years ago

    I will never not laugh at the spice girls clip

  • Judy Angel 2 years ago

    Taylor is a stalking ??

  • CM P 2 years ago

    Happy International woman’s day!


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