The Best of Trevor Taking on Conservatives | The Daily Show

Published on December 18, 2022

Trevor sat down with a slew of high-profile conservative guests and Tomi Lahren during his time as host of The Daily Show. Here are some highlights. #TheDailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah



  • Miki van Duyn 1 year ago

    the brains off republicons are too small to understand anything trevor says…

  • Alter Ego 1 year ago

    “Because he’s not tRump”

    -Lyndsey Graham on his Ted Cruz nomination.

    That aged well lol smfh

  • Elena Michaels 1 year ago

    Why is she dressed for a party? Not that she be dressed business attire but….I mean America was settled by puritans, which SHE. MOST DEFINITELY IS NAWT.

  • D.H. 1 year ago

    10:25 not only is that man wrong about what socialism is, he describes capitalism!!! Tf?!?

  • James Smith 1 year ago

    Watching these really reminded me of how skilled of an interviewer Trevor is. He accomplished something VERY RARE. He took over a show from a legend, and became one himself.

  • Molly Abramson 1 year ago

    0:36 aged like milk

  • William Ward 1 year ago

    Lady flipping again.. and again and again.. Who believes anything that comes out of that mouth.. Smh?

  • Noms Chompsky 1 year ago

    Normally I do not dig these re-run mash ups and skip them, but in this case it’s all carrot cake frosting, mmmmmmmm

  • Seconds 1 year ago

    Trevor makes you respect intelligence.

  • Jonathan Harrison 1 year ago

    9:38 “Socialism is where the government owns the means of production” – yeah, and in theory the government exists to redistribute excess value to the proletariat. The degree to which they do that is determined by how oligarchic/corrupt the rulers in that government are. It seems to depend on the region of the world how this plays out. There seems to be more corruption in the south and east than in western and northern socialist countries.

    In a capitalist society, the means of production is owned by the bourgeoisie and they pay workers for their labor at fixed rates regardless of how much excess value is produced, keeping the excess value as profit and elevating the owner class to ridiculous levels of wealth and with that, power and influence over the government (if so desired). Honestly, to me the first case sounds a lot more “We the People” than the second.

  • Kate 1 year ago

    Who knew Linda was such a clairvoyant.

  • Neil Gilfillan 1 year ago

    I don’t care what Lindsey says he thinks about anything.

  • JessieDV 1 year ago

    Lindsay Graham has zero principles, no spine and is obviously deeply compromised. I cannot fathom his lack of SHAME in the person he is today.

  • d4md 1 year ago

    Lol…the insurrectionists are Trumpsters but she doesn’t care..

  • Sin Sincere 1 year ago

    These racists care about a anthem more than black people


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